Arabic Language Courses, London

The Anglo-Omani Society now runs Arabic Language Courses in our Sackville Street offices. There are classes for a variety of abilities from total beginner to confident conversationalist. Courses typically run for 10 weeks and consists of 2 hour classes.


Our weekday evenings classes run from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, and consist of two 3 hour Saturday afternoon revision seminars - totalling 26 hours of tuition.

The course start dates are as below:

Advanced – Monday 11th January Members £125/Non-Members £175

Beginner Level 2 – Tuesday 11th February Members £100/Non-Members £150

Beginner Level 2 – Wednesday 12th February Members £100/Non-Members £150

Intermediate/Advanced Monday 6th April Members £100/Non-Members £120 - ONLINE


The Society is also trialling daytime and weekend classes.

The course start dates are as below:

Beginner (11am -1pm) - Wednesday 5th February Members £100/Non-Members £150

Beginner/Advanced - Saturday 8th February Members £100/£125/Non-Members £150/£175

Beginner Class (10am-12pm) - Thursday 16th April Members £100/Non-Members £120 - ONLINE


Please apply via the contact form on the website with the title ‘Arabic Language Course, London’.