Annual General Meeting

Thursday 9th Jul 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


The AGM is scheduled for 10.30am 9 July 2020 and will be held virtually on Zoom.

As this year’s AGM will be held on Zoom, I kindly request that all Members wishing to take part in the AGM, email with their preferred email address no later than 3 July 2020. You will then receive a set of detail instructions on how to register for the AGM and how to vote on all resolutions.

If you are unable to join the AGM virtually, please note;

  1. Your only choice for a proxy to record your vote or ask a question is for you to appoint the Secretary of the Society as your proxy. You are encouraged to complete and send in your form of proxy as the quorum for the meeting to take place is 15 Members present by webinar or in person (the two members appearing at Somers) plus those who submit proxies.
  2. If you sign this form and return it without any specific directions, your proxy will vote or abstain as he or she thinks fit. 
  3. In the case of a Corporation, this form must either be executed under its Common Seal or be signed by an attorney or officer duly authorised.
  4. A Member of the Society who is unable to register and attend the meeting by webinar may appoint a proxy by completing and returning the proxy form so that it is received by the Secretary at (address withheld), or by email to not later than 10.30AM on 7 July 2020.  The return of this form will not prevent a member from attending the Meeting by webinar. 
  5. Any alteration made to this Form of Proxy should be initialled by the person who signs it.
  6. Proxies are to be signed with a proper signature (not a printed one) and a PDF of the signed page is to be sent by email to or the original signed page delivered to

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Manager of the Society, Nick Smith, via email or via telephone 0203 141 1760/ 07717 285 672 if you have any further questions. The Manager will be able to send you the resolutions and Form of Proxy if you are unable to attend the meeting.