The Art of Arabic Coffee

Monday 28th Nov 2022, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

34 Sackville St, London


We are delighted to host an interactive Arabic coffee masterclass by Medina Ilyas. A one-hour class on history, preparation and a serving ceremony together with tasting and discussing the importance of preserving this intangible cultural heritage. This workshop is designed to be enjoyable whilst also deepening people's knowledge of the history of coffee traditions through the generations. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The history of Arabic coffee
  • The ingredients & tools you need
  • Graining and roasting
  • The recipe and the process
  • The traditional serving ceremony 



Medina Ilyas, coffee expert and the founder of Medina Coffee Company, embarks upon a fascinating journey to explore the rich cultural heritage of authentic Arabic coffee, or “qahwa.” Medina Ilyas has spent the past 15 years conducting extensive research to gain an in-depth understanding of the rituals and traditions of brewing, serving, and drinking Arabic qahwa. What’s more, after documenting and collecting hundreds of coffee recipes from across the Arab region, Medina shares her own secrets of coffee brewing—including unique recipes to create unbelievably rich and flavorful Arabic coffee.



From The Art of Arabic Coffee book

"Did you know that the cultivation, roasting, and preparation of coffee were originally pioneered and perfected on the Arabian Peninsula? In fact, Arabic coffee is not merely a drink—it is a cultural institution in itself, as well as the cornerstone of the famous Middle Eastern hospitality. With hundreds of years’ worth of history in the Middle East, the wealth of oral traditions and intangible cultural legacy surrounding the rituals of brewing and serving coffee has been passed down over many generations. Indeed, the Arabian coffee ceremony is much more than simply serving coffee. It is a ritual that involves connecting with friends, family, and the surrounding community, as well as honoring one another by taking the time to simply get together to share a delicious drink, a warm experience, and a shared story recalled or to be written. Moreover, drinking Arabic coffee is more than a means to pass time or refuel—it’s an enriching cultural experience." 

A note form Medina to you,

“15 years ago, I fell in love... Hello, dear reader! My name is Medina and I would like to share my magical journey with you. 15 years ago, I visited Oman for the first time and was introduced to Arabic coffee. It was love at first sip! I was mesmerized not only by its taste, but also by the culture surrounding the Arabic coffee ritual. Since then, I have tried over 100 different coffee recipes. It became a true passion of mine! To me, creating Arabic Coffee is not simply a fun activity—it is also a heartwarming cultural experience. I believe that introducing Arabic coffee to other people is the best way to showcase Arabic hospitality and culture. Everything about this experience is truly magical… The smell of coffee and the aroma of spices fill your home as you cook. The preparation process is so relaxing. And the taste is indescribable! If you think that Arabic coffee tastes like regular coffee, I promise that you will be completely blown away. I am sure that it will open a whole new world to you, too. I really hope that you will enjoy this book while learning something new and brewing an incredibly tasty cup of Qahwa”.

Now you can purchase the books on the day for £15 (ideally bring cash)You can also purchase Medina coffee for £18. All Medina's profit will go to UNHCR.

The new edition of The Art of Arabic Coffee by Medina Ilyas in association with the Medina Coffee Company will be published by Medina Publishing UK. Medina Publishing is an independent international publisher which has produced a wide range of books on Arab heritage such as the Arab horse, the Art of Falconry, Gulf pearl fishing, Emirati windtower architecture, Bedouin textile traditions as well as five books for Expo 2020 Dubai including the EXPO Official Visitor Guide.