Gap Year Scheme

The Gap Year Scheme is based at The Sultan’s School in Muscat and is open to British nationals, who are either school leavers or who plan a gap year between graduation and first employment.

The scheme offers generous benefits and a memorable experience. Each year a group of up to four students goes to the school for a period of three months between September - December and January - April. 

The scheme provides the opportunity to become part of the school community, to take part in excursions and to contribute to school life according to the talents and interests of the individual – whether as a classroom assistant, in the CAS programme of the International Baccalaureate or in extracurricular activities such as sport and music.

The school is predominantly a mixed day school but about fifty boy students board in the school under a scholarship scheme established by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. There is the opportunity to be involved with the boarders in their sporting and leisure activities. Further details may be obtained at 

The school provides accommodation and meals. Other benefits include airfares, shared car hire and part cost of Arabic tuition. A ‘pocket money’ allowance is intended to cover day-to-day expenses but also the cost of meals during the short periods (school and national holidays) when the school cafeteria is closed.

The next scheme will take place in January - March 2023 (Dates to be confirmed).

Knowledge of Arabic is not a pre-requisite but the current or intended study of Arabic will be a strong recommendation. Candidates will be expected to show evidence of an active interest in the Arabic language, Islamic culture or the history and geography of the region. 

Applications for this year's Gap Year Scheme have closed. They will open again in 2023.