Grant Application 

The Trustees of The Anglo-Omani Society accept applications for activities that contribute towards the Society`s charitable objects.

Applications are assessed at board meetings held approximately every quarter.

All applications are assessed against a point-based system to ensure maximum transparency and to prevent concentration of grant awards in particular areas. Applications should aim to achieve as many of the criteria listed below as possible in order to be successful.


  • Application falls within the Society's charitable objectives
  • Application promotes the Anglo-Omani friendship
  • Application involves both British and Omani participants
  • Application provides lasting benefit to participants in terms of new formal training or skills
  • Application is aligned with Oman’s 2040 Vision National Priorities
  • Proposed event has significant reach and potential to meet a wider audience than the existing Society
  • Proposal will contribute to primary research on Oman or represents significant breakthrough in the relevant field


  • Application has secured funding from other sources
  • Application falls into funding gap and would not otherwise proceed without support from the Anglo-Omani Society
  • Application is appropriately costed
  • Application is contributing their own resources to achieve the proposal/project

 Sector Thresholds for 2020/2021


Percentage of Annual Budget

Formal training or education


Lectures, events, seminars, publications




Primary research/academic study


Conservation & Environment