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Doing Business with Oman

The main objective of this Doing Business with Oman Guide is to provide you with basic knowledge about Oman; an overview of its economy, business culture, potential opportunities and to identify the main issues associated with initial research, market entry, risk management and cultural and language issues.

TitleAuthorIDAsset NoRecord NoRecord RefCategoryYearPublisherISBNDonated ByCover PhotoLanguageSubjectsDescription
Tribes in OmanJ. R. L. Carter372953TRI11982Peninsular Publishing0-907151-02-7Lady Ruth Hawley2.JPGEnglishHistory, Tribes, Folklore
Oman: Twenty-Five Centuries of Travel WritingXavier Beguin Billecocq383915XAV11994Relations Internationales and Culture2-910460-00-2Lady Ruth Hawley3.JPGEnglish, French, ArabicTravel, History
An Arabian Utopia: The Western Discovery of OmanAlastair Hamilton364953HAM12010Oxford University Press978-0-19-958160-34.JPGEnglishHistory, Travel
Oman: Arabia’s ParadiseKhamis al-Mohrabi4655770MOH12013Middle East Vision Corporation9789948037965005.PNGEnglishPhotography, OmanThis photography book of Oman comes with two CDs
Oman and OverseasMichaela Hoffmann-Ruf & Abdulrahman Al Salimi306953STU12013978-3-487-14798-76.JPGEnglishHistory, Religion, Maritime, Trade, Culture
A Day Above OmanJohn Nowell347770NOW11990Motivate PublishingLady Ruth Hawley7.JPGEnglishPhotogrpahy
Oman: Celebrating HM Sultan Qaboos' 40 Years of RuleSir Donald Hawley, Richard Muir338953QAB112012Stacey International978-1-906768-58-4Richard Muir9.JPGEnglishCulture, Heritage, History, Politics, Economy, Military, Geography, ReligionWe have 3 copies of this volume, internal Asset no. 8,9,10.
Oman: Celebrating HM Sultan Qaboos' 40 Years of RuleSir Donald Hawley, Richard Muir319953QAB212012Stacey International978-1-906768-58-4Richard Muir9.JPGEnglishCulture, Heritage, History, Politics, Economy, Military, Geography, ReligionWe have 3 copies of this volume, internal Asset no. 8,9,10.
Oman: Celebrating HM Sultan Qaboos' 40 Years of RuleSir Donald Hawley, Richard Muir3210953QAB312012Stacey International978-1-906768-58-4Richard Muir9.JPGEnglishCulture, Heritage, History, Politics, Economy, Military, Geography, ReligionWe have 3 copies of this volume, internal Asset no. 8,9,10.
Oman: A Seafaring NationMinistry of Information and Culture, the Sultanate of Oman3511953SEA11979Ministry of Information and Culture, the Sultanate of OmanLady Ruth Hawley11.JPGEnglishHistory
الخدمات الصحية في سلطنة عمانMinistry of Health26412610HEA11994Ministry of Health012.JPGArabicHealth, Oman, MedicineThis book is about Oman's public health services.
This is Oman 1985The Government of the Sultanate of Oman46413770OMAN11985Stacey InternationaLThe preparation Committee for the Sixth Summit Conference of the Co-operation Council of the Arab Gulf States13.PNGEnglishPhotographs of Oman
An Arabian PortfolioRobert Azzi46614770AZZ11976Draeger EditeurSheilagh E. Bailey14.PNGEnglishPhotographyPhotography book
Oman and the Sinbad Project: November 1890-February 1981, an exhibition at Gulbenian Museum, Durham UniversityJohn Ruffle48515376RUF31980MacDonald Press LtdLady Ruth Hawley15.PNGEnglishDurham, Oman, Gulbenian Museumthe record of an exhibition at The Gulbenkian Museum Durham from Nov 1980-Feb 1981
The Last Corner of ArabiaMichael Darlow and Richard Fawkes25316900FAW11976Namara Publications0704321092Shgeilagh E. Bailey016.JPGEnglishArabiaThis book is about the authers visit to Oman in 1975 where they introduce us to the complexities of making a documentary film on the region
Enchanting OmanShirley Kay25717910KAY11988Motivate PublishingSheilagh E. Bailey017.JPGEnglishOman, Sea, Desert, TourismThis book is about Oman, tourism, its people and culture and its geography
Oman 2011-2012Majeed bin Mohammed al Rawas and Mubarak bin Khamis al-Araimi24718407ROWA12011Ministry of Information018.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about Oman, mainly geography and history, environment and services, security, human resources, economic and development
The Sultanate of Oman: A HeritageAnn Hill & Daryl Hill2919352HILL11977Longman Group Ltd0 582 78050 01.JPGEnglishCulture, Heritage, History, People
Development in Oman 1970-1974National Statistical Department, Ministry of Development25821407DEV1Ministry of Development021.JPGEnglishDevelopment/ OmanThis boos is about the achievemnets of Oman since 1970 in education health, housing, education, healt, and communication
Arabian ProfilesIan Fairservice and Chuck Grieves25922407GRI11991Arabiab1873544243022.JPGEnglsihOman, GulfThis book is bout the Arabian Penesual and its an introduction to the Gulf coorporation conicil membrer states before and after the gulf war
Oman: A Nation Builds its FutureMinistry of Information & Culture26223407CUL11976Ministry of Information and CultureSheilagh E. Bailey023.JPGEnglishOman, Future, HistoryThis book is about Oman's geography, history, organisation of the state, armed forces, medical care, social assistance and commerce.
Business Profile Series: Sultanate of OmanBritish Bank of the Middle East26124351EAS11990The Hong Kong Bank Group, 1990024.JPGEnglishOmanThis is the 6th edition buisness profile on Oman
Oman: The Big PictureAbdullah al Shuhi26025770SHU12008Mazoon Printing9789948037941025.JPGEnglishPhotography, OmanThis book's 305 pages cover 27 areas in Oman from Musandam in the far north to Dhofar in the South, it offers a selection of the country's unique attractions.
OmanMinistry of Information and Tourism24826407TOU11974Ministry of Information and Tourism026.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about the people, the land, the past and duture of Oman
Sultanate of Oman Throughout 20 years: The Promise & The FulfilmentMinistry of Information24927407INF11990El-Rayys & Associates Ltd027.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about the geopolitics, geography, histiry, the state, human develkopment as well as economic development.
Old OmanW. D. Peyton5228953PEY11983Stacey International0-905743-34-2Sheilagh E. Bailey28.JPGEnglishHistory, Photography
Oman in Time: A Nation's HistorySir Terence Clark5029953TIM12001Ministry of InformationSir Terence Clark29.JPGEnglishHistoryTwo copies, one copy signed. (both copies have the same asset number)
Celebrating FriendshipBritish Embassy of Muscat and the Bait Al Zubair Foundation28830770ZUB12011Baz Publishing9789948161349Jon Goddard30.JPGEnglishDiplomacy, Friendship, Oman
A Tribute to Oman: National Day 1983Apex Publishing533150NAT41983Apex PublishingAlan Milne31.JPGEnglishMagazine
A Tribute to OmanApex Publishing543250TRI41992Apex PublishingAlan Milne32.JPGEnglishMagazine
Dawn Over OmanPauline Searle5133953DAW11975Khayat Book and Publishing CO. S.A.L33.JPGEnglishHistory, Geography, Environment, Cities
Unknown OmanWendell Phillips5934915UNK11971Librairie du Liban34.JPGEnglishTravel, History, Culture, Ethnography
Muscat and Oman: The End of an EraIan Skeet5835953MUS11974Faber and Faber Limited0-571-10476-2Sheilagh E. Bailey35.JPGEnglishHistory
The Pirate CoastSir Charles Belgrave5536953PIR11972Librairie du LibanSheilagh E. Bailey36.JPGEnglishHistory
Arab VillageRoderic Dutton and John B. Free5637306VIL11980A & C Black (Publishers) Limited0-7136-2036-637.JPGEnglishAnthropology, Biography, Ethnography, History, Travel
Sohar: Culture and Society in an Omani TownFredrik Barth4138306SOH11983The Johns Hopkins University Press0-8018-2840-6Mme Virginia Al-Said38.JPGEnglishCulture, Society
Contribution to a General Bibliography of OmanBruno and Colette le Cour Grandmaison483915GEN11980Ministry of National Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of OmanMme Virginia Al-Said39.JPGEnglish, FrenchBibliography
Oman in the Twentieth CenturyJ. E. Peterson4440953JEP11978Harper & Row Publisher, Inc.0-06-495522-2Mme Virginia Al-Said40.JPGEnglishHistory
Arabian SandsWilfred Thesiger4741915WIL11990William Collins0-00-217005-1Mme Virginia Al-Said41.JPGEnglishTravel Writing, History, Empty Quarter
Speech by HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said On the Occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of the National DaySultan Qaboos48442376QAB31992Mme Virginia Al Said42.PNGEnglishSpeech, Sultan Qaboos, National DaySpeech by HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said
Oman: The Reborn LandF. A. Clements3943953REB11980Longman Group Ltd.0-582-78300-3Mme Virginia Al-Said43.JPGEnglishHistory, Education
Oman Since 1856: Disruptive Modernization in a Traditional Arab SocietyRobert Geran Landen4344953DIS11967Princeton University PressMme Virginia Al-Said44.JPGEnglishHistory
Whither OmanAhmed Hamoud Al-Maamira4545953WHI11981Lancers PublishersMme Virginia Al-Said45.JPGEnglishHistory, Education, Geography, Economy
Omani ProverbsA.S.G. Jayakar24246803JAY11978The Oleander Press0906672120MmeVirginia Al Said046.JPGEnglish, ArabicProverbs, TranslationThis book is about famous Omani proverbs and their English translation and interpretation
Oman 1989Ministry of Information4647953MIN11989Ministry of InformationMme Virginia Al-Said47.JPGEnglishHistory, Environment, Economy, Government
Oman: Politics and DevelopmentIan Skeet4248953POL11992Macmillan Academic and Professional Ltd.0-333-56941-5Mme Virginia Al-Said48.JPGEnglishHistory, Resources, Education
Muscat and Oman: The End of an EraIan Skeet4049953END11974Faber and Faber0-571-10476-2Mme Virginia Al-Said49.JPGEnglishHistory
ابو يعقوب الوارجلاني اصولياابي زكريا يحيى بن ابي الخير الجناوني21452922ZAK12008Ministry of Heritage and Culture052.JPGArabicbiography, history, HUMAN, ABU YAQUB, INTELLECTUALThis Arabic book is talking about the intellectual Abo Ya'qub al-Warijlani and his era, ideas..etc
The Sultanate of Muscat and OmanMUS50254376MUS3Michael Jackson54.PNGEnglishPlastic folder with photocopied pages
The Middle East in London Vol. 11 No. 1LMEI42755376LMEI11142015055.PNGEnglishThis issue is about contemporary art, cartoons, photo competitions
كتاب الايضاح ج1أمير بن علي الشمخي21758297AMI12005Ministry of Heritage and Culture058.JPGArabicIslam, Religion, ExplanationThis Aarabic book is an explanations of certain technicalities in Islam. Part One of 3
كتاب الايضاح ج2أمير بن علي الشمخي21859297AMIR12005Ministry of Heritage and Culture059.JPGArabicIslam, ReligionThis Arabic book is about Islam part 2 of 3
كتاب الايضاح ج3أمير بن علي الشمخي21960297AMIRB1200560.JPGArabicIslam, ReligionThis Arabic book is about Islam and the explanation of its technicalities part 3/3
المدونة الكبرى الجزء الأولأبي غانم بشر بن غانم الخرساني22061297GHA12007Ministry of Heritage and Culture061.JPGArabicHistory, Religion, IslamThis Arabic book is about Islamic heritage
المدونة الكبرى الجزء الثانيأبي غانم بشر بن غانم الخرساني22162297GHAN12007Ministry of Heritage and Culture062.JPGArabicArabic, Religion, IslamThis Arabic book is about Islamic heritage
المدونة الكبرى الجزء الثالثأبي غانم بشر بن غانم الخرساني22263297GHANI12007Ministry of Heritage and Culture063.JPGArabicHistory, Islam, ReligionThis Arabic book is about Islamic heritage
جلاء العمىخلفان بن جميل السيابي العماني22464297KHA12007Ministry of Heritage and Culture2007.JPGArabicReligionThis Arabic book about Islaimc technicalities
Arabian Days: Memories of Two Trucial Oman ScoutsAntony Cawston & Michael Curtis1665953TOS12010Cedar Colour Ltd095490441 - 9Antony Cawston & Michael Curtis65.JPGEnglishMilitary, SAF, Memoirs, History
Mohammed Alsubeaei: A Journey of Poverty and WealthHuda Alsubeaei and Gene W. Heck1766953ALS12010Medina Publishing Limited978-0-9564170-3-9Mohammed & Abdullah Alsubeaei Investment Co. (MASIC)66.JPGEnglishSaudi Arabia, Politics, History, Biography
With the S.A.S. and other Animals: A vet's Experiences During the Dhofar War 1974Andrew Higgins1867953HIG12011Pen and Sword Military184884486-7Andrew Higgins67.JPGEnglishMilitary, SAF, History, Memoir
Where Soldiers Fear to TreadRanulph Fiennes1968953FIE11975Hodder and Stoughton Limited0 340 14754768.JPGEnglishSAF, Military, History, Politics, Documentary
Memoirs of the EmiratesNational Centre for Documentation and Research2069953MEM12012ational Centre for Documentation and Research, Abu Dhabi, UAE978-9948-05-113-869.JPGEnglishHistory, Politics, Military, Memoirs, Business, Health
Arabian AssignmentDavid Smiley1170953SMI11975Leo Cooper Ltd0 85052 181 5Sheilagh E. Bailey70.JPGEnglishMilitary, History, Memoir, SAF
Minister in OmanNeil McLeod Innes9071921INN11987The Oleander Press Ltd953-53052-0924Sheilagh E. Bailey71.JPGEnglishOmani-British relations; Buraimi; Saudi-Oman relations; Oman nation buildingThe book follows the time Neil McLeod Innes who was appointed as advisor to Sultan Said bin Taimur in 1953. During his tenure as advisor to the Sultan, he managed the beginning of oil discoveries in Oman, the dispute with Saudi Arabia over Buraimi and the unrest in the interior as a result of the death of the old Iman in 1954, and the acension of the new one.
The Sindbad VoyageTim Severin8972921SEV11982Hutchinson & Co Ltd0-09150560-7Sheilagh E. Bailey072.JPGEnglishSailing, Omani Naval History, Sinbad, Sindbad, SailingThe book details the real journey taken by scholar and adventurer Tim Severin who wanted to retrace the ancient Arab trade routes that led into the Far East. In a meticulously crafted ship held together with coconut rope, Severin travelled from Muscat to Canton via India and Sri Lanka, following the old trade routes that formed the basis of the mythical voyages of Sinbad.
This Strange Eventful History: Memoirs of Earlier Days in the UAE and OmanEdward Henderson8873921HEN11988Quartet Books Ltd0-7043-2643-2671-XMadame Virginia Al Said073.JPGEnglishGulf History, Oman and Trucial Coast, British imperial history, State-formation, Omani TribesEdward Henderson went to Oman in 1948 as a representative of the Iraq Petroleaum Company to explore for oil. The book details the challenges he faced along the Trucial Coast, including an expedition to recapture Buraimi. The book also includes Henderson's own thoughts during this period, as well as his opinion of what the discovery of oil would mean for the region.
In the Service of the Sultan: A First Hand Account of the Dhofar InsurgencyIan Gardiner8774921GAR12006Pen & Sword Military978-1-844154-67-8Madame Virginia Al Said074.JPGEnglishDhofar War, British Military History, InsurgencyAutobiographical account of Ian Gardiner's personal experience of fighting for the Oman government during the Dhofar Insurgency in the 1960's and 70's to counter Communist influence in the region. Details the role of the SAS in the conflict and a rare incidence of a successful counter-insurgency campaign.
Muscat CommandPeter Thwaites8676921THW11995LEO COOPER0850524113Madame Virginia Al-Said76.JPGEnglishAutobiography, Military History, Dhofar Rebellion, Omani Civil WarAutobiography detailing the experiences of Peter Thwaites when hecommanded the Muscat Battallion during the Dhofar Rebellion from 1967-70
My Life and Travels: An AnthologyWilfred Thesiger477915THE12002Harper Collins000257151XMme Virginia Al Said77.JPGEnglish
Where Time Stood Still - A Portrait of OmanThe Duchess of St Albans9478923STA11980Quartet Books Limited0704322471Madamme Virginia078.JPGEnglishSultan Qaboos, History, Relgion, Culture, Nature, GeographyMemoir of the authors journey through Oman. Describes historical events, varied landscape and civil life with reference to events from 3500 B.C to 1977. ''To the world Oman is an enigma. The Duchess of St Albans has laid its secrets at our feet.''
The Imamate Tradition of OmanJ. C. Wilkinson1579953WIL11987Cambridge University Press0 521 32713 XMme Virginia Al Said79.JPGEnglishPolitics, History, Islam, Economics
Oman and IbadismAhmed Hamoud Al-Maamiry1480297ALM11980Lancers PublishersMme Virigina Al Said80.JPGEnglishReligion, Islam, Ibadism
الحوار الاباضي المالكيصولة الغدامسي وأبي العباس أحمد بن سعيد الشماخي21381927GHA12014Ministry of Heritage and Culture978-99969-0-257-4081.JPGArabicISLAM, IBADI, DISCUSSION, RELIGIONThis Arabic book is about Ibadi Islam
القلاع والحصون في عُمانMinistry of Education23382407MIN11994Ministry of EducationLady Ruth Hawley082.JPGArabicResearch, Oman, HeritageThis researcxh book in Arabic is about Oman's heritage
Proceedings of the International Symposium: Archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula through the AgesMinistry of Culture and Heritage23483407ARC12005Ministry of Culture and Heritage083.JPGArabic/ EnglishArchaeologyThis book is in Arabic and English and its about the archaelolgy of the Arabian Peninsula
ضريح الامام احمد بن سعيد البوسعيدي وكتاباته في الرستاقDr. Eros Baldessera23784297BAL12000Ministry of Culture and Heritage084.JPGArabicIslamic, hereitagfeThis is a 1st edition, Arabic book about the Shrine of Imam Ahmad bin Saeed Al Busaidi and his writings in Al Rustaq.
The Rustaq-Batinah Archaeological Survey: Report on the First Season, 2013/14Dr Derek Kennet, Dr Nasser al-Jahwari, William Deadman & Anne Mortimer. With contributions from Dr Harry Munt, Mark Woolston-Houshold, Ran Zhang, Rhian Ward, David Moger, & Emma Hall585376EMM12014Presented to AOS85.JPGEnglishArchaeology, Rustaq, Survey, Culture, Heritage, History
DAMS – In the Sultanate of OmanMinistry of Water Resources31686900RES11999Ministry of Water ResourcesLady Ruth Hawley086.JPGEnglishOman, DamsThis book is about dams in the Sultanate of Oman
Historic Mosques and Shrines of OmanPaolo M. Costa19287900PAO12001BAR InternationalStuart Bailey87.JPGEnglishMosques, History, Historic, Shrines, OmanWork featuring the historical moques and shrines of Oman.
Country Castles of OmanPatricia Groves49988376GROV3Mme Virginia Al Said88.PNGEnglish, ArabicOman, CastlesCountry and Castles of the Sultanate of Oman
Oman Citadels between Sand and SeaAndre Stevens30989407STE11990Terra IncognitaMme Virginia Al Said089.JPGEnglish, Arabic and FrenchOman,CitadelsThis book presents a comprehensive survey of the country's main historic sites and history through its architectural past.
Traditional Spinning and Weaving in the Sultanate of OmanGigi Crocker Jones55290700JON1The Historical Association of OmanMme. Virginia Al Said90.PNGArabic and English
The Craft Heritage of Oman Vol.1 and Vol. 2Richardson and Dorr46391770DOR12003Motivate Publishing186063157691.PNGEnglishCrafts, Oman, PhotographyThis 2 volume book contains photographs of crafts in the Sultanate of Oman.
Silver: The traditional Art of OmanRuth Hawley26392407HAW12000Stacey International1 90098827 5Lady Ruth Hawley092.JPGEnglishOman, Silver, jewelleryIn this book Lady Ruth Hawley gives an informing commentary on the range, style, and technique of Omani silver
A Taste of Oman: Traditional Omani foodMarcia Stegath Dorr26593641DOR1Mazoon Printing Press093.JPGEnglishFood, OmanThis book is about traditional authentic Omani food and recipes
Connecting CulturesMark Evans28794407EVA12010Muscat Press & Publishing House (SAOC), Muscat Press & Publishing House (SAOC)094.JPGEnglishOman, Cultureeducational initiative taking place in Oman that brings people from Arab and Western cultures together and aims to deepen the understanding between the generations of both countries.
Desert VoicesMark Evans27795910EVA12009Al Roya Press and Publishing House095.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about Mark Evans journey through the empty quarter of Oman
One Small Flame: Kurt Hahn's Vision of EducationMark Zelinski27896770ZEL12010The Heart Publishing978968587935Mark Evans096.JPGEnglish
The Empty QuarterSt John Philby23998800PHI11986Century Hutchinson0712612823Mme Virginia Al Said098.JPGEnglishNovelThis is a novel describing the Great South Desert of Arabia known as Rub" a=l Khali
Travels in OmanPhillip Ward19099910WAR11987Oleander Press0-906672-51-1Stuart Bailey99.JPGEnglishTravels, Geography, History, OmanUltimate travel book about the Sultanate of Oman.
The Ophiolite of Northern OmanS. J. Lippard, A. W. Shelton & I. G. Gass22100550OPH11986Blackwell0-632-01587-XLady Ruth Hawley100.JPGEnglishGeology, Landscape
Birdlife in OmanHanne Eriksen & Jens Eriksen21101598ERI11999Al Roya PublishingLady Ruth Hawley101.JPGEnglishBirds, Flora, Fauna, Nature
The Birds of OmanMichael Gallagher & Martin W. Woodcock26103598GAL11980Quarted Books Ltd0 7043 2216 1Lady Ruth Hawley103.JPGEnglishBirds, Avian, Flora, Fauna, Wildlife
Oman's Geolgoical HeritageMichael Hughes Clarke27104550GEO11990Petroleum Development OmanLady Ruth Hawley104.JPGEnglishGeology
The Journal of Oman Studies: Special Report No. 2 - The Omani Flora and Fauna Survey 1977S. N. Shaw-Reade142105580SHA21980Office of the Government Advisor for Conservation of the Environment0379-0703Ruth Hawley105.JPGEnglishFlora, Fauna, Survey, 1977, DhofarA collection of reports about the Omani Flora and Fauna Survey 1977 in the region of Dhofar.
The Scientific Results of The Oman Flora and Fauna Survey 1977 (Dhofar)Journal of Oman Studies28106580FLO(D)11980Office for the Government Advisor for the Conservation of the Environment, Muscat0379-0703Lady Ruth Hawley106.JPGEnglishFlora, Fauna, Wildlife, Plants, Natural World
The Scientific Results of the Oman Flora and Fauna SurveyJournal of Oman Studies23107580FLO11975Ministry of Information & Culture, Sultanate of OmanLady Ruth Hawley107.jpgEnglishNature, Wildlife, Flora, Fauna
Plants of Dhofar: The Southern Region of Oman. Traditional, Economic and Medicinal UsesAnthony G. Miller, Miranda Morris7108580MIL11988Diwan of the Royal Court, Sultanate of Oman07157 0808-2Lady Ruth Hawley108.JPGEnglishBotany, Plants, Nature, Environment, Flora, Fauna
The Scientific Results of the Royal geographical Society's Oman Wahiba Sands Project, 1985-1987Journal of Oman Studies24109508WAH11988Diwan of the Royal Court, Muscat0379-0703Lady Ruth Hawley109.jpgEnglishGeology, Environment, Wildlife, Flora and Fauna, Culture, Geography
Coastal Fishes of OmanJohn E. Randall25110597FIS11995Crawford House Publishing Pty Ltd1 86333 126 3110.jpgEnglishFish, Marine, Geography
Minerals of OmanMr. Haddadin, Mr. Zachariah275111407ZAC11987Ministry of Petroleum and MineralsLady Ruth Hawley111.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about all the minerals in Oman
The Wildlife of Oman and its NeighboursProfessor Talhouk, Professor Buttiker, Mr Gasperetti,Mr. Massey273112407MAS11981Stacey International0905743261Mme Virginia Al Said112.JPGEnglishWildlife, OmanThis book is about the wildlife of Oman and its neighbours.
The Treasures of Beauty: Omani ScenesAhmad Bin Suwaidan Al Balushi274113770BAL12001International Printing Press, 2001113.JPGEnglish, ArabicPhotography, OmanPhotography of people, deser, crafts, Oman ..etc
Honeybees in OmanRoderic Dutton et al.491114376DUTT31982The Office of the Advisor for Conservation of the EnvironmentLady Ruth Hawley114.PNGEnglish
A Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of Wadi Sayq, Dhofar Province, OmanJames Borrell et al.487115376BOR3115.PNGEnglishBiodiversity, Wadi Sayq, Dhofar, OmanThis was in association with the Office for Conservation of the Environment, Diwan of Royal Court, Sultanate of Oman.
Seashells of OmanDonald and Eloise Bosch268116407BOSC11982Longman Group Ltd0582783097Lady Ruth Hawley116.1.JPGEnglishSeashells, OmanThis book is devoted to the seashells of Oman and the Arabian Gulf
The Coral Seas of MuscatFrances Green and Richard Keech271117407KEE11986Middle East Economics Digest Ltd,0946510288Lady Ruth Hawley117.JPGEnglishOman, Coral Reefs, SeaThis book is about the coral reefs of Muscat and Oman
Marine fauna of Oman: Cetaceans, Turtles, Seabirds and Shallow Water Corals: A Marine Conservation & Development ReportRodney V. Salm, Rolf A.C. Jensen and Vassili Papastavtrou489118376PAP31993IUCN – The World Conservation UnionLady Ruth Hawley118.PNGEnglish
Blue Pools of OmanMarlin E. Lowry et al.490119376LOW21986Council for Conservation of Environment and Water Resources, Council for Conservation of Environment and Water ResourcesPools, Oman119.PNGArabic, English
Important Bird Areas in the Middle East: Oman OnlyM.I. Evans568120376BIR3BirdLife InternationalLady Ruth Hawley120.PNGEnglish
Butterflies of OmanTorben and Kiki Larsen281121407LAR11980John Bartholomew and Son ltd0702880019Lady Ruth Hawley121.JPGEnglishOman, ButterfliesThis records the scientific results of Mr. Larsen's study of butterflies in Oman.
Seashells of OmanDonald T Bosch, S Peter Dance, Robert G Moolenbeek, P Graham Oliver254123407BOS11995MOTIVATE PUBLISHING1873544642Mme Virginia Al Said116.JPGEnglishArabia, Gulf, SeashellsThis book is devoted to the seashells of Oman and the Arabian Gulf
Sohar and Omani Seafaring in The Indian OceanAndrew Wilson481125376WIL31973Petroleum DevelopmentLady Ruth Hawley125.PNGEnglishSohar, Oman, Indian Ocean
Beyond the Empty QuarterTim Owen283127923OWE12003Serendipity1843940671Mrs Sheilagh Bailey127.JPGEnglishMemoir, OmanThis is an english memoir pertaining to Tim Owen's experience in the Sultanate of Oman in the 1960's.
Birds of the Batinah of OmanRA and GE Honeywell305129407HONE11976Ebenezer Baylis LtdSheila Buckfield129.JPGEnglishBirds, OmanThis is a plain field guide to some of the birds of Northern Oman.
Special Report: ‘The Scientific results of the Royal Geographical Society’s Oman Wahiba Sands Project 1985-1987’Nigel de N. Winser and Dr Roderic W. Dutton543130953DUT31988Dr. Dutton130.PNGArabic and EnglishJournal of Oman StudiesSpecial Report No.3
Buraimi: The Struggle for Power, Influence and Oil in ArabiaMichael Quentin Morton252131900MOR12013I.B.Taurus & Co Ltd9781848858183131.JPGEnglishArabia, oil, powerThis book is about the struggle for power, influence and oil in Arabia
Oil, Sand and PoliticsPhilip Horniblow310132922HOR12004Hayloft Publishing1904524095Mrs Sheilagh Bailey132.JPGEnglishThis book is about Dr. Philip Horniblow experiences in Arabia
Sand, Oil and Dollars: The Adventures of an Expatriate British Bank Manager in the Middle East in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970sAlan Ashmole551133921ASH12010Author House9781449064495133.PNGEnglishBritish Bank Manager, Middle East, AdventureThe adventures of an expatriate British Bank Manager in the Middle East
Oman, Land of Frankincense and OilRobert Azzi453134376AZZ21973National GeographicMrs. Sheilagh Bailey134.PNGEnglishFrankincense,Oil
Schlumberger in Oman: The First Fifty YearJohn Edwards and Neil Richardson296135900RICH12006Schlumberger Oilfield ServicesLady Ruth Hawley135.JPGEnglishOman, HistoryThis book commemorates the anniversery of Schlumberger
Underground to Overseas: The Story of Petroleum Development OmanSir Terence Clark143136900CLA12007Stacey International978-1-905299-46-1161 arabic.pdf;161 eng.JPGEnglish and ArabicOil, Oman, Petroleum, Petrol, Development, Wealth, DiscoveryLively, readable and entertaining yet accurate synopsis. Succint version of events, political and practical, leading to the penetration of Oman's interior, and the frustrating search for and ultimately momentous discovery of the source of Oman's wealth.
Underground to OverseasSir Terence Clark289137407CLA12007Stacey International9781905299461Sir Terence Clark137.JPGEnglishPetroleum Development OmanThis is the story of PDO from the first frustrated attempts to discover oil to the company's glowing prospects in its 40th anniversary year as oil exporter.
History of Omani CurrencyThe Ministry of National Heritage and Culture488138900CUL3Lady Ruth Hawley138.PNGEnglish
Economic Survey 1972: Sultanate of OmanHarold Whitehead and partners555139332WHI11974The Whitehead Consulting GroupLady Ruth Hawley139.PNGEngllishEconomic, survey, Oman
Central Bank of OmanTullio Mulas et al238140332MUL11980Klaus Simons140.JPGArabic/ EnglishBank, OmanThis book is about the central bank of Oman
No Small ChangeBritish Bank556141332BAN21996Motivate PublishingLady Ruth Hawley141.PNGEnglishMiddle East, Bank, RelationsBritish bank
The Gulf States and OmanChristine Osborne308142407OSB11977Croom Helm085664 515XMme Virginia Al-Said142.JPGEnglishOmanThis book covers social, economic, and educational progress in the Gulf states and Oman.
Oman: The Development Experience and Investment ClimateMinistry of National Economy306143332ECO12008Ministry of National EconomyMme Virginia Al-Said143.JPGEnglishInvestment, OmanThis book is about the development and investing in Oman
Around the World in 60 years (1952-2012)Celestia Moel313145770MOE12012Diamond Jubilee Pageant145.JPGEnglishJubileeThis is a Commemoration book
Diamond Jubilee Pageant: 10th - 13th May 2012, Windsor Castle: The World Came to WindsorHenry Dallal276146770DAL12012Henry DallalHenry Dallal146.JPGEnglishDiamond Jubilee Pageant
The ‘Eagles Book’: The Illustrated History of The Royal Air Force of OmanRoyal Air Force272147900FOR1International Printing PressLady Ruth Hawley147.JPGEnglishRoyal Air Force, OmanThis book is about the history of military airpower in Oman
Orders and Medals of the Sultanate of OmanLt Col. Ashley Tinson300148355TINS11995Pardy and Sons,0907605591148.JPGEnglishMedals, OrdersThis is a book about about the orders and medals of Oman
Orders and Medals of the Sultanate of OmanLt Col. Ashley Tinson, Lt Col. I Battenshaw, WKhM140151355TIN12010Rao Printing Press151.JPGEnglishMilitary, Customs, Medals, Orders, Sultanate, OmanDifferent classes of medals and orders in the Sultanate of Oman.
The Bands and Orchestras of OmanIan Kendrick293152780KEND11995Diwan of Royal CourtLady Ruth Hawley152.JPGEnglishMusic, OmanThis book is about bands and orchestras in Oman
Storm FrontRowland White297153900WHI12012Transworld Publishers153.JPGEnglishHistory, Secret War, Oman, British PilotsA true story of a Secret War, the SAS's greatest battle and the British Pilots who saved them.
The Bands and Orchestras of OmanIan Kendrick292154780KEN11995Diwan of Royal CourtLady Ruth Hawley154.JPGEnglishMusic, OmanThis book is about bands and orchestras in Oman
مهرجان عُمان الموسيقي العسكري التاتوIan Kendrick294156780KENDR1Mazoon Printing PressIan Kendrick156.JPGArabicMusicThis Arabic book is about Oman's Military Music Festival.
The Role of Women in Omani Musical LifeIssam El-Mallah304157780MALLAH11997Hans Schneider Verlag, Tutzing379520884XIan Kendrick157.JPGEnglishWomen, Oman, MusicThis book is about the role of women in Omani music
Arab Music and Musical NotationIssam El-Mallah301158780MAL11997Publications of the Oman Centre for Traditional Music3795208939Ian Kendrick158.JPGEnglishThis book is about Arabic music
Omani Traditional MusicIssam El-Mallah549159780MALVHS6Publications of the Oman Centre for Traditional MusicIan Kendrick159.PNGEnglishVHS
Omani Traditional Music Part 1Issam El-Mallah302160780MALL11998Publications of the Oman Centre for Traditional Music,3795209145Ian kendrick160.JPGEnglishOmani MusicThis book is about Omani music
Omani Traditional Music Part 2Issam El-Mallah303161780MALLA11998Publications of the Oman Centre for Traditional Music3795209145Ian Kendrick161.JPGEnglishOmani MusicThis is book is about Omani Music - Part 2
Ahmad Bin Na’aman’s Mission to the United States in 1840Hermann Frederick Eitls109163900EIT11962Petroleum Development OmanLady Ruth Hawley163.JPGEnglishHistory, Diplomacy, Voyage, New York City, America, Oman, Relations, Trips, Arrival, BusinessA historical account of Ahmad Bin Na’aman’s mission to the United States in 1840.
The British Embassy in Muscat: A Short HistoryRuth Hawley108164299HIS11974SELFLady Ruth Hawley164.JPGEnglishHistory, Muscat, Oman, British Embassy, DipolacyThis is a short, condense history of the British Embassy in Muscat - topics include the buildings, the compound, the entrances and the premises.
Omani-Portugese HistoryAhmed Hamoud Al-Maamiry106165900MAA11982Lancers PublishersSheilagh Bailey165.JPGEnglishHistory, Relations, International Relations, Portugese, Oman, Omani, Portugal, Fifteenth Century, Sixteenth Century, Seventeenth CenturyDiscussess the relations between Omanis and the Portugese during the period of 200 years, from 1498 when they first met, to 1698, when they parted.
Introduction to Classical Arabic LiteratureIlse Lichtenstadter244166890LIC11976Schocken Books0-8052-0550-0Sheila Buckfield166.JPGEnglishArabic LiteratureThis book is an introduction to classical Arabic literature in different periods
The Postal History of Oman 1856-1985Sultanate of Oman114167900SUL11995Ministry of PTT167.JPGEnglishHistory, Postal, Post, Services, TradeA history of Oman's postal history between 1856 and 1985, including designs of post offices.
Rewriting the History of an Important Ancient Trade RouteUnknown110169900SAL32010Salalah Port ServicesLady Ruth Hawley169.JPGEnglish and ArabicTrade, Route, Travel, Business, HistoryRewriting the History of an Important Ancient Trade Route
موسيقى العُمانيةIan Kendrick299170780KENDRI12002Diwan of Royal CourtIan Kendrick170.JPGEnglishMusic, OmanThis book is about Omani music
The Music of OmanIan Kendrick493171780KENDRICK12002Diwan of Royal Court171.PNGEnglishOman, MusicOman music and Photography
The Language of AadAli Ahmed Al-Shahri112172900SHA12000Dhofar SalalahLady Ruth Hawley172.JPGEnglishHistory, Language, Culture, AadA cultural history detailing the language of Aad, talking about folklore and proverbs in Shahri, gum producing trees in Dhofar, ancient Arabic alphabet and ancient writings found in Dhofar.
The Sultan’s Shadow: One Family Rule at the Crossroads of East and WestChristiane Bird111173900BIR12010Random House Publishing Group978-0-345-46940-3Virginia al-Said173.JPGEnglishHistory, Sultan, Royal, Royalty, Politics, CultureAn account of the cultural and political history of the rise and fall of the Omani royal family.
Outline of the History of OmanMalallah bin Ali bin Habib Allawati120174900ALL11984Sultanate of OmanVirginia Al-Said174.JPGEnglishHistory, Oman, Islam, Silk Roads, Iman, Dhow Routes, Seafarers, Portugese, Occupation, Ubar, Lost TownPresents a simple and clear case of the development and history of Oman, a country which, for a long time, possessed and guarded its political and cultural identity. Intentionally brief and condensed, a useful guideline for future study.
Oman: A HistoryWendell Phillips115175900PHI11971Librarie de LibanVirginia Al-Said175.JPGEnglishHistory, OmanAccount of experiences in Oman, where the author studied the history, rulers and figures and documented his work of the country. Demonstrates how Oman came into it's own.
Annals of OmanSirhan Ibn Sa'Id Ibn Sirhan117176900SIR11984The Oleander Press0-900891-46-7Virginia Al-Said176.JPGEnglishHistory, Annals, Imams, Tribes, Tenets, Ibadhi Sect, Ibadhiyah SectA translation of the work of Sirhan Ibn Sa'Id Ibn Sirhan by E.C. Ross, covering the history of Oman from early Islamic times to 1728.
History of Seyd SaidVincenzo Maurizi116177900MAU11984Oleander Press0-906672-33-3Virginia Al-Said177.JPGEnglishHistory, Climate, Atmosphere, Muscat, Oman, Seyd SaidThe first book devoted exclusively to Oman (1819) with a new introduction by Robin Bidwell.
Oman and East AfricaAhmed Hamoud Al-Maamiry118178327MAA11979Lancers Books178.JPGEnglishHistory, Oman, East Africa, Colonialism, West, Relations, DiplomacyA discussion of the role of the Omanis in East Africa, and of East African-Omani relations.
مجلة الدراسات العمانية VOL 15Ministry of Heritage and Culture517179953CUL52008Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180179.PNGArabicMinistry of Heritage and Culture
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 14Mohammed Ali Al-Belushi542180953BeL1452007Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180180.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 12Ali Al-Shanfari527181953SHA1252002Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180181.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 11Ali al-Shanfari536182953SH1152000Ministry of Heritage and Culture182.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 10Ali bin Ahmed bin Bakhit al Shanfari523183953SHA1051989Ministry of Heritage and Culture03788180183.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman Studies,Collection of Essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 9Ali Al Shanfari524184953SHA951987Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180Mr. Julian Lush184.PNGEnglishA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 8 Part 1Paolo Maria Costa525185953COS8151985Ministry of Heritage and Culture03788180185.PNGEnglishThe Journal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 8 Part 2Paolo Maria Costa520186953COS8251985Ministry of Heritage and Culture186.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman Studies, Batinah
Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 7: Special Issue: The Ships’ Names of Muscat BayPaolo Maria Costa521187953COS751985Ministry of Heritage and Culture03788180Mrs Bailey187.PNGEnglishMuscat Bay,Journal of Oman Studies, Ships’ Names
Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 7Paolo Maria Costa522188953MAR751985Ministry of Heritage and CultureMrs Bailey188.PNGEnglishThe Journal of Oman Studies
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 6 Part 2Paolo Maria Costa532189953COS6251983Ministry of Heritage and CultureMr Julian Lush189.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 6 Part 1Paolo Maria Costa533190953COS6151983Ministry of Heritage and CultureMr. Julian Lush190.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman studies Vol. 5Paolo Maria Costa534191953COS551982Ministry of Heritage and CultureMr. Julian Lush191.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman studiesA collection of Essays
The Journal of Oman studies Vol. 4Paolo Maria Costa535192953COS451918Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180192.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman studiesA collection of essays
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 3. Part 2Paolo Maria Costa526193953COS3251977Ministry of Heritage and Culture03788180193.PNGEnglishThe Journal of Oman Studies
The Journal of Oman studies Vol. 2Ministry of Heritage and Culture528194953CUL25Ministry of Heritage and Culture194.PNGEnglishJournal of OmanA collection of essays
The journal of Oman studies Vol. 1W.D. Peyton531195953PEY151976Ministry of Heritage and CultureMrs Sheilagh Bailey195.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman studiesA collection of essays
Bulletin of the British Foundation for the study of ArabiaDr.Lady Wadeson442196376WAD5201320502036196.PNGEnglishBFSABFSA news, Arabian news and research.
101 Things to See and Do in OmanSarah Clarke311197910CLA1Arab World Tours197.JPGEnglishOman, TravelThis is a travel guide to Oman
OmanDiana Darke10199915DAR12010The Globe Pequot Press Inc978 1 84162 332 0199.JPGEnglishTravel, Geography, Culture, Environment, EcologyThe Bradt "Travel guide to Oman"
تحديSayyid Faisal al Said412200376SAI22012200.PNGArabicOutward Bound Omanoutward bound oman annual report 2012
Tahaddi Outward Bound: Social Impact Report 2012-2013Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said414201376SAID22201.PNGEnglish
British Exploring Society Annual ReportTeddy Watson416202376WATS22011202.PNGEnglishBSES, Arctic, Stellar leadership development programme
British Exploring Society JournalBSES451204376BSES52011204.PNGEnglishBSESExtreme Arctic. Amazon, Himalaya
British Exploring Society JournalEdward Watson437205376WATSON52012205.PNGEnglishEmpty Quarter Oman, Amazon Cocama, Peru, Arctic Odyssey Norway, Canyons to coast Namibia, Dangoor next generation programme Sinai, leadership development programme Morocco
British Exploring Society JournalEdward Watson440206376WAT1342013206.PNGEnglishEmpty Quarter Oman, Canyons and craters, Namibia, Arctic Finnmark Norway, Himalaya India, Dangoor Next Generation Programme Iceland, Stellar Leadership Development Programme Norway
OME, Opportunity Middle EastMichael Thomas432207376THO42010The Middle East Association207.PNGEnglishFocus on Kurdistan region. MEA member companies experience continued success
OME, Opportunity Middle East WinterMichael Thomas433208376THOM42010The Middle East Association208.PNGEnglishMEA launches new drive to promote Egypt , Algeria eager for British business, MEA Iraq qorking group
OME, Opportunity Middle EastDr.Ranald Spiers436209376SPI42012The Middle East Association209.PNGEnglishThis issue features new opportunities in the Maghreb
OME, Opportunity Middle EastCharles Hollis435210376HOL42012The Middle East Association210.PNGEnglishThis issue is focussing on MEA initiatives underline Iraq potential
Salalah Free ZoneSalalah513211376ZON3211.PNGEnlish
Port of Salalah Company ProfilePort of Salalah510212376SAL3212.PNGEnglishPort, Salalah, CompanyPort of Salalah Company Profile
The Middle East in London Vol.10 No. 5LMEI422213376LMEI10542014213.PNGEnglishThis issue is about youth, the Arab uprisings, the economy and the labour market.
The Middle East in London Vol. 8, No. 1LMEI425214376LMEI8142011214.PNGEnglish
The Middle East in London Vol. 10, No. 1LMEI429215376LMEI10142014215.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is one Iran after the coup
The Middle East in London Vol. 10, No. 2LMEI421216376LMEI10242014216.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is Palestine, Palestinian refugees and the politics of return, Palestinian Youth
The Middle East in London Vol. 10, No. 3LMEI428217376LMEI10342014217.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is on Turkey and the threats to its stability, its economy
Vogue: L'Oman Aujourd'huiVogue450218376VOG4218.PNGEnglish/ FrenchVogue edition focusing on Oman
PDO NewsPDO448219376PDO142001219.PNGEnglishNo.1, The focus of this issue is on Manah, the gift of god
PDO NewsPDO447220376PDO241999Department of public affairs and information220.PNGEnglish/ArabicNo.2, This issue is on Oman geological heritage, cunning crows and playful ravens, all creatures, great and small
Sultanate of OmanMinistry of Tourism406221376TOU4221.PNGEnglish
Gulf ConstructionBina Prabhu Goveas444222376GOV42011Anwar Abdul Rahman222.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue of Gulf construction is on Abu Dhabi
ME Business in FocusAlan Mackie446223376MAC420109781906940157223.PNGEnglishA guide to trade and investment in the broader Middle East and North Africa region
Aspiration to Action: Growing Oman's ExportsNasima Al-Balushi410224376BALUSHI2224.PNGEnglish
Earth Watch Annual Reviewlarry mason408225376MAS22012225.PNGEnglish
Biosphere Expeditions MagazineMatthias Hammer, Kate Curnow, Kathy Gill441226376GIL4226.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is on cats around the world and what Biosphere is doing for their survival
Connecting Cultures: 10 Year Special ReportMark Evans452227376EVA22014227.PNGEnglishConnecting Cultures
OmanGlen Mutel400228376MUT22012228.PNGEnglishMagazineMagazine on Oman containing a city guide to Muscat, food and drink and other activities
A Tribute to OmanJane Gartside439229376GART4Apex Publishing229.PNGEnglishThe Sultanate's Yearbook 1994-95
A Contract Officer in the OmanAlan Hoskins99230923HOS11988DJ Costello Publishers0710430418Julian Paxton230.JPGEnglishMinistry of Defence, Sultan's Armed ForcesDetailed account from Alan J Hoskins about his years serving in the Ministry of Defence (Oman) and the internal politics at the time.
The Omanis Sentinels of the GulfLiesl Graz98231923GRA11982Longham Group Ltd0582783488Julian Paxton231.JPGEnglishHistory, Dhofar, Jeballi. Women, Sultan QaboosA memoir from Swiss journalist Liesl Graz, and her experiences of Oman and its people throughout the Dhofar rebellion and the early days of modern development in the country. From fishermen and bedu to women and townspeople, Graz is able to share intimate stories with the reader about her expereinces of living with these different communities.
شامل الأصل و الفرع الجزء الأول والثانيمحمد بن يوسف اطفيش223233297MUH12007Ministry of Heritage and Culture233.JPGArabicReligion, IslamArabic book about Islam's technicalities
Pride in the Sultanate of Oman… An Involvement: Proudly Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Sultanate’s National DayHatim Al Taie443234376TAI41995Al Roya Publishing234.PNGEnglish/ArabicFood, education, health Investment, dance, Islam
The Middle EastPat Lancaster391236376LAN42012236.PNGEnglish
British Academy Review 21British Academy419237376ACA22013237.PNGEnglishThe fruits of research in the humanities and social sciences.
LeadersHenry O. Dormann404238376DOR41990238.PNGEnglishMagazine, LeadersLEADERS is the only worldwide magazine that deals with the broad range of leadership thoughts and visions of the world's most influential people. It is a quarterly forum for those select individuals who, by their position of leadership, exercise inherent influence and commanding authority over the allocation of the world's human and material resources. It is the one magazine that represents a forum of ideas and opinions on the major issues of change, and that distinguishes the special provinces of the world's leaders.
Tribute 1998-99Brent Mckean405239376MCK41999239.PNGEnglish
Unshook Till the End of TimeRobert Alston, Stuart Laing103240900ALS12012Gilgamesh Publishing978-19-908531-07-0Robert Alston240.JPGEnglishHistory, Oman, Britain, International Relations, Civil War, Rivalry, Oil, Economy, Rebels, DhofarAn authoratative history from the mid 17th century until the end of the Dhofar War of the 1970s.
British Exploring Society Annual ReportTeddy Watson415241376WAT22010241.PNGEnglishArctic, British, Expedition
OmanDonald Hawley232244770HAW119781900988089244.JPGEnglis/ArabicOman, ArabicThis book is about Modern and Old Oman, its people, natural resources, wildlife
L'Oman et sa RenaissanceDonald Hawley49245910LOM11978Stacey International0-905743-09-1245.JPGFrenchGeography, Culture, History
Oman & Its RenaissanceDonald Hawley509246770HAW711978Stacey International246.PNGEnglishRevised Edition
Oman & Its RenaissanceDonald Hawley508247770HAW611978Stacey International247.PNGEnglishRevised edition
Oman & Its RenaissanceDonald Hawley507248770HAW511978Stacey International190098884248.PNGEnglish
Oman & Its RenaissanceDonald Hawley505249770HAW311978Stacey International0905743199249.PNGSpanish
Oman & Its RenaissanceDonald Hawley506250770HAW411978Stacey International0905743636250.PNGEnglishJubilee Edition
عمان ونهضتها الحديثةDonald Hawley503251770HAW111978Stacey International251.PNGArabicPhotography, OmanPhotography, Oman
عمان ونهضتها الحديثةDonald Hawley504252770HAW211978Stacey International252.PNGArabicPhotography, OmanPhotography on Oman
Desert Pageantry (The Royal Cavalry of Oman)Henry Dallal467253770DALL12012Henry Dallal9780954408329253.PNGEnglishPhotography, OmanPhotography Book
عمان ٢٠١١Jorge Aguilar-Agon460254770AGO12011Bait al Baranda254.PNGEnglish/ ArabicPhotography, OmanPhotographs of landscapes in Oman
The 12th Youth Annual Arts ExhibitionThe Omani Society for fine arts455255770ART12008255.PNGEnglish/ArabicArts exhibition 2008
/ قابوس عُمان Oman QaboosMohammed Mustafa456256770MUS1256.PNGArabicPhotography, OmanPhotography, Oman
Mountains and Wadis of OmanMuhammed Zubair468257770ZUBA12006Baz Publishing257.PNGEnglishPhotography, Mountains, Wadis, OmanPhotography book on Oman Luxury Edition
Jewels of MuscatNational Geographic119258900NAT62009National Geographic258.JPGArabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portugese, Russian, SpanishHistory, Ships, Sailing, Boats, Jewels, Muscat, Oman, Ocean, Explorer, Adventure, ReconstructionTwo programmes on DVD: Arab Treasure Ship and Sailing The Treasure Ship. A Living monument to Oman's proud maritime history. Programmes initially shown on National Geographic.
Voices of Oman: A Different Mid-East Story (An Oral History of the Renaissance)Charles J. Olson66259904OLS12011Stacey International9781906768645259.JPGEnglishOral History, Renaissance Oman, Omani HistoryA collection of first-hand accounts of people living through the 1970 Omani Renaissance, detailing the changes and challenges of the period for average Omani's
The Sultan Qaboos Grand MosqueSalma Samar Damulji469261770DAM12007Apex Press and Publishing261.PNGEnglishOman,Photography, Mosque, Qaboos, SultanPhotography of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque
La Grande Mosque Sultan QaboosSultanate of Oman461262770OMA12001Apex Publishing262.PNGFrenchPhotographs of Sultan Qaboos msoque.
Oman in ColourH.E. Sayyid Fahad al Said454263770SAI11974Ministry of Information and Tourism263.PNGEnglishPhotography, OmanA visual record of elements of traditional Oman.
Pictures of OmanAbbas bin Ghulam Rasool al-Zadjali458264770ZAD1264.PNGEnglish/ ArabicOman,Pictures, PhotographyOman Photography
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 17Mohammed Ali Al- Belushi538265953BEL1752011Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180Dr. Mohamed Redha Bhacker265.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesCollection of essays
Schlumberger in Oman: The First Fifty YearsJohn Edwards and Neil Richardson141266900EDW12006Schlumberger Oilfield Services266.JPGEnglishOil, Industry, Schlumberger, Technology, Social, Economic, Development, OmanBegan as a simple brochure of Schlumberger in Oman, but developed into a much bigger story relating to the social and economic development of Oman.
Arabian Days: The Memoirs of Two Trucial Oman ScoutsAntony Cawston, Michael Curtis95267923CAW12010Michael Curtis095490441-9267.JPGEnglishMilitary, UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Syria, Defence Yemen, OmanMemoirs of British military men throughout the Middle East. The book includes accounts of historic events through the eyes of the British military, and maps this history from India to the Mediterranean.
Democracy and Youth in the Middle East: Islam, Tribalism and the Rentier State in OmanSulaiman H. Al-Farsi67268305FAR12013I.B Tauris & Co Ltd9781780760902268.JPGEnglishOmani Youth, Omani Democracy, Omani Tribalism, IslamA book based on extensive interviews examining attitudes towards democracy, Islam and polticial participation among Omani youth. Reveals emerging bottom-up democratic trends that pose a challenge to traditional top-down democratic efforts in Oman.
In the heart of the desertMichael Quentin Morton93269922MOR12006Green Mountain Press09552212-0-XMichael Quentin Morton269.JPGEnglishGeology, History, Desert, Expedition, Oil, MENAA biography of Mike Morton and his experiences of the Desert. This book explores the history of Oil in the region in the post WW2 era. Contains research from companies archives.
Black Gold and Frankincense: Photographs of Southern Arabia by the Early Oil Exporters, 1947-71Michael Quentin462270770QUE12011National Centre for Documentation and Research9789948050797Quentin Morton270.PNGEnglishOman, Gold, FrankincenseCollection of photographs taken by oil explorers between 1947 and 1971
Various tourism Maps and LeafletsVarious authors472271376AUT3271.PNGEnglishTourism, maps, leaflets
The Middle East in London Vol. 9, No. 5LMEI424272376LMEI9542013272.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is on culnary, coffee, food, water
The Middle East in London Vol. 10, No. 4LMEI426273376LMEI10442014273.PNGEnglishThis issue is about oil in the past, present and future
King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue Annual ReportKing AbdulAziz Center for National Dialogue418274376ABD2274.PNGEnglishAchievements, programs and initiatives of King AbdulAziz Center for National Dialogue.
Omani SilverRuth Hawley270275407HAWl11978Longman group ltd0582780705Suzan Quinn275.JPGEnglishOman, Silver,This book is about Omani Silver
Silver Jewellery of OmanJehan S Rajab266276407RAJ11997Tareq Rajab Museum1 860643108276.JPGEnglishOman, SilverThis book is the result of a number of years of research into a collection of Omani silver jewellery in the Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait.
The Oman Museum Le Musée d’OmanMinistry of Information and Culture482277376CUL31977Ministry of Information and CultureJulian Paxton277.PNGEnglish, FrenchHandbook for Visitors In English and French
Rock Art in OmanR. Jackli477278376JAC21980Julian Paxton278.PNGEnglishART, OmanThis is a photocopy of Art in Oman
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 18Dr. Mohamed Redha Bhacker539279953BHA1852014Ministry of Heritage and Culture0378-8180Dr. Mohamed Redha Bhacker279.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman StudiesA collection of essays
Index of the Journal of Oman StudiesMinistry of Heritage and Culture540280953CULIND5Ministry of Heritage and CultureDr. Mohamed Redha Bhacker280.PNGEnglish, ArabicIndex, Journal of Oman StudiesIndex of Volumes 1-17
British Exploring Society Journal 2014Florence Flint390281376FLI42014281.PNGEnglish
Special Men Special War: Portraits of the SAS and DhofarB.M. Niven459282770NIV11990Imago ProductionsSuzan Quinn282.PNGEnglishPhotography, Dhofar, SASortraits of the SAS and Dhofar
Oman: The Making of the Modern StateJohn Townsend121283900TOW11977Croom Helm0-85664-446-3Suzan Quinn283.JPGEnglishHistory, Nation Building, State Making, Diplomacy, Country, OmanWritten by a man who lived and worked in Oman for seven years, a period spanning both the old and new regimes. Describes the legacy inherited by the new ruler by his father. Describes problems tackled by the Sultan and his ministers.
A Monk in the SASPaul Sibley92284921SIB12006Trafford Publishing141208635-3Suzan Quinn284.JPGEnglishDhofar War, SAS, Sultan Armed Forces, AutobiographyAutobigraphy of Sibley's childhood and experiences in the SAS. The book focuses on him time in Oman, including the Dhofar War and how he helped the government to conduct the first demographic survey of Dhofar, before he left Oman in 1984.
SAS: Opertation OmanColonel Tony Jeapes96285923JEA11980William Kimber & Co Limited0718300181Suzan Quinn285.JPGEnglishSAS, Military, Dhofar War, Sultan's Armed ForcesBook describes the part play by the squadrons of the 22nd SAS regiment on the Dhofar War.
List the Bugle: Reminiscences of an Irish SoldierCorran Purdon97286921PUR11993Greystone Books1870157192Suzan Quinn286.JPGEnglishDhofar War, biography, Post WW2, MilitaryBiography of Corran Purdon from Northen Ireland, and his career in the British Army. Includes experiences in the Dhofar War.
Elementary Colloquial Arabic For English SpeakersHQ Education Services, SAF2287492SAF11974The Sultan's Armed Forces0Suzan Quinn287.pdfEnglishArabic, Speaking, SAF, Sultan's Armed Forces
A Guide to The Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum in Bait Al Falaj: 1410- 1990Director of Moral Guidance & Public Relations, HQ Sultan’s Armed Forces124288900SAF11990International Printing PressSuzan Quinn288.JPGEnglishSultan's Armed Forces, SAF, Guide, Reference, Museum, HistoryA historicalguide to The Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum in Bait Al Falaj: 1410- 1990
Don’t' They Know It's Friday: A Cross-Cultural Guide for Business and Life in the GulfJeremy Williams65289395JER12013Motivate Publishing9781860630743Jeremy Williams289.JPGEnglishBusiness Etiquette, Economics, Business, Gulf States, GCC"An essential guide for anyone wishing to do business with Arabs, whether as a resident expatriate or as a visitor. It dispels many of the myths associated with the region and gives advice on how to behave respectfully."
The Journal of Oman Studies Vol. 3. Part 1Paolo Maria Costa529290953COS3151977Ministry of Heritage and Culture290.PNGEnglishJournal of Oman Studies
مجلة الدراسات العمانية VOL 16Ministry of Heritage and Culture518291953CULT50378Ministry of Heritage and CultureDr. Mohamed Redha291.PNGArabicThe journal of Oman Studies
مجلة الدراسات العمانية VOL 17Ministry of Heritage and Culture519292953CULTU52013Ministry of Heritage and Culture03788180Dr. Mohamed Redha292.PNGArabicJournal of Oman StudiesCollection of essays
British Exploring Society Annual ReportEdward Watson417293376WATSO22012293.PNGEnglishBritish Exploring Society
Tahaddi Outward Bound Oman 5 Year Impact Report 2009-2014Hilal Al-Mawali411294376MAW2294.PNGEnglish/Arabic
Dictionary of English, Baluchi and Omani ArabicWilliam Foxton241295103FOX11980Oriental Printing PressSuzan Quinn295.JPGEnglish/ Omani/ ArabicDictionaryThis is a dictionary of English, Baluchi and Omani Arabic
Courtesies in the Gulf Area: A dictionary of colloquial phrase and usageDonald Hawley240296103HAW11978Stacey International0905743059Suzan Quinn296.JPGArbic / EnglishDictionary, Colloquial phrasesThis book is in Arabic and English about colloquial phrases
A Road to Damascus: Mainly Diplomatic Memoirs from the Middle EastIvor Lucas60297953IVO11997The Radcliffe Press1 86064 152 0Ivor Lucas297.JPGEnglishDiplomacy, Memoir, Middle East
Not in the LimelightSir Ronald Wingate100298922WIN11959Hutchinson & CO.B0007IZWA8298.JPGEnglishEgypt, Oman, Muscat, India, WW1, WW2Autobiography of Ronald Wingate a British Civil Cervant whose various roles took him to India, Mesopotamia, Oman and Europe throughout World War One and Two.
Sand Dance, By Camel Across Arabia's Great Southern DesertBruce Kirkby101299923KIR12000McClelland & Stewart Ltd.1860631177Alan Milne299.JPGEnglishEmpty Quarter, Desert, Expedition, Wilfred ThesigerThe tale of a journey across Oman's Empty Quarter by a team of Omani and Canadian Explorers - the first camel crossing in over fifty years.
The Rustaq-Batinah Archaeological Survey. Report on the Second Season: 2014/15Dr. D Kennet, Dr. N al-Jahwari, W.M. Deadman, A. Mortimer, P. Brown, D. Moger, Dr. A. Parton and Dr. H. Munt470300376MUN22015300.PNGEnglishRustaq-Batinah,Archaeology, ReportReport on Grant project
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Far Arabia: Explorers of the Myth.Peter Brent267304407BRE11978Readers Union; Book Club EditionMr Alan Milne304.JPGEnglishOman, journeyFar Arabia encompases journys and stories of explorers in that region of the world.
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Oman '91Omani Ministry of Information72307352OMA9111991Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne307.JPGEnglishGeneral Public Administration, Omani Government Policy, OmanBook released by the Omani Ministry of Defence detailing various aspects of Oman in 1991. Topics covered include foreign affairs, commerce and industry, as well as oil and gas.
Oman '92Omani Ministry of Information71308351OMA9211992Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne308.JPGEnglishOman, Government Administration, Omani History, GeneralBook released by the Omani Ministry of Information detailing status of Oman in 1992. Topics covered include fisheries, health, justice and islamic affairs
Oman '93Omani Ministry of Information70309351OMA9311993Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne309.JPGEnglishGeneral Information, Oman, Public AdminstrationBook released from Omani Ministy of Information detailing the status of Oman in 1993. Topics covered include government, agriculture, social affairs and labour, housing and approximately twenty-five other subjects related to governance in Oman in 1993
Oman '94Omani Ministry of Information69310352GEN9411994Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne310.JPGEnglishOman, History, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Water, Youth, Health, Defence, Interior, Civil Service, DevelopmentOfficial book released from Omani Ministry of Information detailing the state of Oman. Covering all facets of Oman ranging from defence, general government administration, services such as water and electricity and twenty-five other topics
Oman '95: A Celebration of 25 Glorious Years 1970-1995Omani Ministry of Information73311352OMA9511995Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne311.JPGEnglishOmani Government, Public Administration, GovernanceBook released by the Ministry of Information in Oman detailing various aspects of the country. This particular annual issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of the country since its re-founding in 1970.
Oman '96Omani Ministry of Information74312352OMA9611996Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne312.JPGEnglishOman Government, Governance, Public Administration1996 edition of annual book released by the Omani Ministry of Information detailing various aspects of Oman, its government and economy. Topic covered include fisheries, oil and gas, and defence. This edition includes a leaflet produced by the Ministry of National Economy
Oman 98/99Omani Ministry of Information75313352OMA9811999Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne313.JPGEnglishOmani Government, Public Administration, GovernanceDouble edition of annual review of Oman for 1998-99. This edition covers various aspects of Oman including domestic water, communications and health
Oman '99Omani Ministry of Information76314352OMA9911999Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne314.JPGEnglishOmani Government, Public Administration, GovernanceAnnual report by Omani Ministry of Information for 1999. Book details various aspects of Omani government including natural gas, oil, housing and civil service
Oman 2002-2003Omani Ministry of Information77315352OMA0212002Omani Ministry of InformationAlan Milne315.JPGEnglishOmani Government, Governance, Public Administration2002/03 edition of annual review by Omani Ministry of Information detailing various aspects of Oman's government, society and economy
Oman 2004-2005Omani Ministry of Information78316352OMA0412004Omani Ministry of Information316.JPGEnglishOmani Government, Governance, Public Administration2004-05 edition of the annual review of Omani government, society, and economy. Topics covered include Qaboos the leader, State Institutions, Economic Development and Environment and Services
Oman 2010-2011Omani Ministry of Information79317352OMA1012010Omani Ministry of Information317.JPGEnglishOmani Governance, Public Administration, Omani Society and Law2010-2011 edition of the annual report on Omani governance, society and economy. Topics covered include Heritage, Culture and the Arts, Human Resources, and National Security
Oman 2013-2014Omani Ministry of Information80318352OMA1312013Omani Ministry of Information318.JPGEnglishOmani governance, Public Administration, Omani economy and society2013-14 edition of annual report produced by Oman's Ministry of Information detailing various aspects of Oman including Insitutions of the Modern State, Security, and Environment and modern utilities
Oman and the Sinbad Project: November 1890-February 1981, an exhibition at Gulbenian Museum, Durham UniversityJohn Ruffle125319900RUF31980Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art319.JPGEnglishArt, History, Exhibition, Durham, Oman, Sinbad ProjectOman and the Sinbad Project: November 1890-February 1981, an exhibition at Gulbenian Museum, Durham University.
Travels in Oman - An Arabian AlbumRonald Codrai474320770COD31993Motivate Publishing320.PNGEnglishPhotographs of old Oman
The Middle East Issue No. 284Pat Lancaster449321376LANC41998Mr.Milne321.PNGEnglishOman, Dubai, Qatar, EgyptThis issue has a special report on Oman
The Middle East November 2000 Issue No. 306The Middle East MAG393322376TME42000Mr.Milne322.PNGEnglish
The Sultanate of Oman Business MapApex Publishing82323912MAP31982Al Roya Publishing323.JPGEnglishMap, BusinessMap of Oman including details of important buildings in Muscat.
Trade and Empire in Muscat and ZanzibarM. Reda Bhacker81324953BHA11992Routledge0415079977324.JPGEnglishPre-colonial History, History, Oman, Trade History, Economic HistoryThis book reviews Omani history, with particualr attention being drawn to the effect of the British influence on the Omani dominance of the regional trade routes. The aim of the book is to understand how the crucial 18th century port of Muscat became a backwater by the middle of the 20th century.
Oman, Culture and DiplomacyJeremy Jones, Nicholas Ridout62325327OCD12012Edinburgh University Press9780748677337325.JPGEnglishCulture, Diplomacy, Modern History, International RelationsA comprehensive study of Oman presenting a portrait of a nation through its diplomacy.
Sultan in OmanJan Morris83326919MOR12008Eland9781906011178326.JPGEnglishTravel log, Historical travelogue, Omani History, Sultan Said bin TaimurA travelogue detailing the personal historic journey of His Highness Sultan Said bin Taimur, proffessionally observed by Jan Morris. Their journey took them from his souther capital in Salala to the northen capital of Muscat.
Social and Gender Inequality in Oman: The power of religious and political traditionKhalid M. Al-Azri85327302AZR12014Routledge9781138816794327.JPGEnglishGender, Social inequality, Oman, social interactions in OmanFocuses on the changes in Oman since 1970 that have challenged the Islamic and tribal norms of Oman in relation to marriage, divorce and women's rights. The books main focus is on the Omani concepts of "kafa'a" and "talaq" which determine the norms and rights related to marriage and divorce in Oman. An interesting investigation into the divisions of authority between the state, Islam and tribal norms in Oman and the wider region
Oman-The Islamic Democratic TraditionsHussein Ghubash84328321GHU12006Routledge0415481325328.JPGEnglishIbadism, Religion and State relations, Omani History, Omani historical/theological developmentThis book details the historical role Oman's state religion, Ibadism, has played in the development of the country and how it developed into the only example of an Arab-Islamic democractic tradition.
Statebuilding and Counterinsurgency in Oman: Political, Military and Diplomatic Relations at the End of EmpireJames Worrall12329953WOR12014I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd978 1 84885 634 9329.JPGEnglishDiplomacy, Politics, History, Military
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 47 March 1998SAF375330396SAF4751998Mr.Milne330.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 48 March 1999SAF374331396SAF4851999Mr.Milne331.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 49 March 2000SAF373332396SAF4952000Mr.Milne332.PNGEnglishSAF
Water Resources of the Sultanate of OmanMinistry of Water Resources286333407RES1Julian Paxton333.JPGEnglishOman, WaterThis book provides an overview of Oman and its water resources
عيون الماء في سلطنة عمانDr. Chebaane, Col. Zaabi, Mr. Hamdy, Mr. Al Busafi282334407BUS11994International Printing PressJulian Paxton334.JPGArabicWater, OmanTon behalf of the Ministry of water, this book is about the springs in Oman.
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 60 March 2011SAF371335396SAF6052011Mr. Milne335.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 61 March 2012SAF385336396SAF615201261.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 62 March 2013SAF372337396SAF6252013Mr.Milne337.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 63 March 2014SAF382338396SAF6352014Mr.Milne338.PNGENGLISHSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 64 March 2015SAF381339396SAF6452015Mr.Milne339.PNGEnglish
The Journal of the sultan’s Armed Forced Association Issue No. 44SAF395340396SAF4431995Julian Paxton340.PNGEnglishSAF, armed forces
Omani WomenHelen Couchman145341770COU12015Soloshow Publishing418.pdfEnglish, ArabicArt, Portrait, Oman, Women, CultureA series of portraits of Omani women. A series dedicated entirely to women and, if they have so chosen, their children. Couchman's journey of discovery.
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2015 40th Anniversary EditionAOS364342397AOS15142015Brunton Business Publications 2015342.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2015 40th Anniversary EditionAOS365343397AOS15242015343.PNGEnglish
The New British Omani Delegation Pembroke College, Oxford 2014AOS358344397AOS2014132014344.PNGENGLISH
Footnotes in the Sand: The Gulf in Transition, 1953-1958Bernard Burrows123345923BUR11990Michael Russell Publishing LTD0-85955-168-7345.JPGEnglishHistory, Memoirs, Political Resident, Policy, Perspectives, Britain, Oman, Muscat, London, RelationsA selective picture of what it was like to be a Political Resident in the Persian Gulf during this period. An account of what British policy was towards the area, what said policy looked like from the Gulf, and what the Gulf looked like from London.
Masirah - Tales from a Desert IslandColin Richardson129346900RIC12001Pentland Press1-85821-801-2346.JPGEnglishIsland, RAF, War, Dhofar, Jebal Akhdar War, Desert Island, Oman, Arabia, Iraq, Aden, Britain, Masirah, Airfield, Air Force, Training Base, American, History, Maps, First Hand StoriesThe fascinating story of an Omani Island in eastern Arabia.
Monsoon RevolutionAbdel Razzaq Takriti127347900TAK12013Oxford University Press978-0-19-967443-5347.JPGEnglishMonsoon Revolution, Politics, Dhufar, Oman, Armed Struggle, Arabian PeninsularTalking about the longest major armed struggle in the history of the Arabic peninsular in the Dhufar Revolution in Oman.
A History of Modern OmanJeremy Jones and Nicholas Ridout68348900JON12015Cambridge University Press9781107402027348.JPGEnglishModern History, Omani History, History, Economy, Diplomacy, SecurityAn ideal introdction to the history of modern Oman from the eighteenth century to the present, this book combines the most recent scholarship on Omani history with insights drawn from a close analysis of the politics and international relations of contemporary Oman.
The Pirates of Trucial OmanH. Moyse-Bartlett130349900MOY11966Macdonald and Co349.pdfEnglishBritain, Sheikdoms, Treaty, Captain Thompson, Naval, Military, Expeditions, Politician, Economist, Soldier, SailorDeals with four naval and military expeditions, and a tragic episode in the career of Captain T. Perronet Thompson - a sailor, soldier, economist and politician. The Treaty which he drafted, interpreted and expounded, laid the foundation of Britain's strange relationship with the modern sheikdoms of the Trucial coast.
The Emergence of States in a Tribal Society. Oman under Sa’id bin Taymur 1932-1970Uzi Rabi131350900RAB12006Sussex Academic Press978-1-84519-473-4350.JPGEnglishTaymur, Qaboos, Sultan, Coup, 1970, Economic, Political, Social, Cultural, Oman, Reassessment, Critical, Reign, MonarchA reassessment of the reign of Sa'id bin Taymur, who was deposed by his son in a coup in July 1970. Refutes the prevailing view that Sa'id's four-decade reign should be percieved as a place where time stood still. The author offers a critical look at the economic, political, social and cultural aspects of Oman during his reign.
Oman and Muscat: An Early Modern HistoryPatricia Risso132351900RIS11986St Martin's Press0-312-58434-2351.JPGEnglishGeography, History, Civil War, Maritime, Trade, Gulf, France, Britain, Competition, Oman, Sultan, CommerceIncludes a geographical and historical introduction, and chapters on the civil war, maritime involvements, trade in the Gulf, transitional years, French-British competition, the rule of Sultan Ahmad, and martime commerce.
A Modern History of Oman – Formation of the State since 1920.Francis Owtram295352900OWT12004I.B. Tauris352.JPGEnglishOman, HistoryThis book is about the modern history of Oman since 1920
Oman: An Illustrated HistorySaif Khalfan Khalifa al-Busa’idi133353900BUS12015Idea Media978-99969-1-301-3Robert Alston353.JPGEnglishHistory, Illustrated, Oman, Pre-Islamic, Modern, Present DayBrief account of the history of Oman but comprehensive in scope. From pre-Islamic times to the present day.
Historical Interpretation of the Territory of MuscatPaolo M. Costa144354900COS31989Serie Orientale RomaSofia Frank and Paulo Costa354.pdfEnglishTerritory, Muscat, History, ReviewA historical interpretation of the territory of Muscat.
الوشق, LynxDawood bin Sulaiman Al Balushi397355376BALU22015Dr Saif Al-Shaqsi355.PNGEnglish, ArabicOman EnvironmentThis environmental monthly newsletter issued by the National field research centre for environmental conservation
Women and Community in OmanChristine Eickelman182356900EIC11984New York University PressJulian Paxton450.JPGEnglishHistory, Culture, Oman, Women, Gender Studies, Femininity, OmanExamines the practical changes in the life of the Omanis, and at the roles, concerns and aspirations of the women there.
Oman and the World – The Emergence of an Independent Foreign PolicyJoseph A. Kechichian134357900KEC11995RAND0-8330-2332-2Julian Paxton357.JPGEnglishForeign Policy, Oman, Sultanate, Government Officials, History, Interviews, Trends, Diplomacy, Nation-State, OriginsA systematic analysis of the foreign policy of the Sultanate. Author spent six months in Oman over a period of three years, and interviewed more than 25 high-ranking government officials. Traces the origins of the Omani nation-state, identifies trends in Omani diplomacy, and examines the Sultanate's foreign policy in the modern era.
Oman: The Modernisation of the SultanateCalvin H. Allen Junior122358900JUN11987Westview Press0-7099-5106-XJulian Paxton358.JPGEnglishHistory, Modernization, Regime Change, Economics, Social, Political, State Building, IbadismFocuses on the land, the people, and the history of the nation. Explores influences on events of trade, foreign involvement in Omani affairs, and Ibadism. Broad perspective of a nation rising from obscurity to take its place in the modern world.
A Short History of Oman, From The Earliest TimesUnknown13359953HIST31972Julian Paxton359.JPGEnglishHistory
Nomads in the Sultanate of Oman – Tradition and Development in DhofarJorg Janzen139361900JAN11986Westview Press0-8133-7262-3Julian Paxton361.JPGEnglishNomads, Oman, Traditions, Development, DhofarTalks about the nomads in Oman, specifically in Dhofar - their traditions and development.
Behind the Veil in Arabia – Women in OmanUnni Wikan137362900WIK11982John Hopkins University PressJulian Paxton362.JPGEnglishWomen, History, Modernization, Sex Roles, Social, IssuesLays the foundation for consideration of one of the most important social issues of our time - the effect of modernization and changing sex roles on the lives of women.
Historical and Cultural Dictionary of the Sultanate of Oman and the Emirates of Eastern ArabiaJohn Duke Anthony138363400ANT11976Library of Congress0-8108-0975-3Julian Paxtom363.JPGEnglishDictionary, Terms, Arabic, Oman, SpecificA dictionary of the Arabic terms specific to the region of Oman.
Oman Embassy Issue No.5Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London344364377OM541974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali364.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman: Special IssueEmbassy of the Sultanate of Oman, London146365900EMB41974Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, LondonJulian Paxton365.pdfEnglishMagazine, Embassy, Sultan, Social, History, Politics, Tourism, Health, Petroleum, Government, Oman, Islamic Affairs, Airports, IndustryMagazine detailing Oman, including the Sultan, world affairs, history, Islamic affairs, housing, education, health, tourism, social affairs, labour, the government and officials, agriculture, fisheries, land affairs, petroleum, the SAF, telecommunications, industrial development, airports, ports, and roads.
Oman and the Persian Gulf 1835-1949J.D. Porter147366900POR11982Documentary Publications0-89712-125-2Julian Paxton366.JPGEnglish, ArabicOman, Persian, Gulf, States, Unpublished, Secret, Archives, Interviews, History, Documents, Letters, ReportsThis volume consists of letters, reports, interviews and documents relating to Oman and the Persian Gulf States, written between 1835 and 1949. All have been taken from previously unpublished secret US archives.
Oman Embassy Issue No. 7Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London342367377OM741975Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali367.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.8Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London341368377OM841975Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali368.PNGEnglishOman magazine
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Oman Embassy Issue No.10Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London339370377OM1041975Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali370.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Special Issue National Day 1975Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London352371377OMSP41975Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali371.PNGEnglishOman magazine
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Omman Embassy Issue No.12Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London337373377OM1241976Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali373.PNGENGLISHOman magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.13Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London349374377OM1341976Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali374.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.14Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London336375377OM1441976Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali375.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Special Issue National Day 1976Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London351376377OMS41976Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali376.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy New Issie n.15Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London335377377OM1541977Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali377.PNGEnglishOman embassy
Oman Embassy Issue No. 16Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London334378377OM1641977Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali378.PNGEnglishOman Embassy
Oman Embassy Issue No.17Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London333379377OM1741977Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali379.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
Oman Magazine Issue Ni.18Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London332380377OM1841977Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali380.PNGENGLISHOman Magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.19Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London331381377OM1941978Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali381.PNGEnglishOman Embassy
Omman Embassy Issue No.20Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London330382377OM2041978Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali382.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.22Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London329383377OM2241978Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali383.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.23Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London328384377OM2341979Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali384.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
OMAN Embassy Issue No.24Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London327385377OM2441979Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali385.PNGEnglishOMAN Magazine
OMAN Embassy Issue No.25Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London326386377OM2541979Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali386.PNGENGLISHOMAN MAGAZINE
OMAN Embassy Issue No. 26Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London324387777OM264Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali387.PNGEnglishOMAN magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.27Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London325388377OM2741980Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali388.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.28Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London350389377OM2841980Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali389.PNGEnglishOman magazine
The BFSA BulletinBFSA, British Foundation for the Study of Arabia402391376BFS22015391.PNGEnglishBritish, Arabia
The Report Oman 2016Oxford Business Group430392376GROU220169781910068489392.PNGEnglishEconomy, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance
The Rustaq-Batinah Archaeological Survey. Report on the Third Season: 2015/16Dr. D Kennet, Dr. N al-Jahwari, W.M. Deadman, P. Brown, D. Moger, L. Purdue, A. Parton, D. Stancombe, E. Hall and P. Drechsler471393376DRE22016393.PNGEnglishRustaq-Batinah,Archaeology, surveyReport on the Third season
Short-Tail the Arabian Leopard’s Incredibly Useful DayJulia Gray476394376GRA12014Diwan of Royal Court of the Sultanate of Oman and Stacey Publishing9781909022355Dr. Andrew Spalton394.PNGEnglishArabian Leopard, story, illustrations
Dhofar Wartime: Part OneAndy Dunsire104395923DUN12011Andrew Dunsire395.pdfEnglishMemoirs, War, Dhofar, History, Recollection,Memoir about the Dhofar wartime period.
The Journal of Oman Studies: Special ReportMinistry of Information and Culture544397953CULTUR51977Ministry of Information and CultureRupert frank397.PNGEnglishFlora, Fauna, Journal of Oman Studies:Special Report
Building a Rule of Law Leadership Network in the Middle EastThe John Smith Memorial Trust/FCO512398376FCO32013398.PNGEnglishMiddle East
The BFSA BulletinBritish Foundation for the Study of Arabia403399376BFSA22016399.PNGEnglishBAFSA, British, Arabia, Research
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The National Museum Sultanate of Oman, HighlightsJohn Murray511402376MUR320169781785510519Mr Jamal Al Moosaui402.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society New Generation Group Delegation, Cambridge 2016Isabelle Habib354404397HAB32016404.PNGEnglishNew Generation Group
The Anglo-Omani Society New Generation Group Delegation, Cambridge 2016Isabelle Habib355405397HABI32016405.PNGENGLISH
A Tribute to Oman 24th National DayJane Gartside438406376GAR4Apex Publishing406.PNGEnglishThe Sultanate Year Book 1994-95
Ithraa BriefingsIthraa494407376ITH32016Ithraa407.PNGEnglishIthraa, Agriculture, Fisheries, Logistics, Manufacturing,Waste Management, tourismThis contains 5 Ithraa Briefings: 1-Agriculture & Fisheries Briefing, 2- Logistics Briefing, 3- Manufacturing Briefing, 4- Waste Management Briefing, 5- tourism Briefing
Oman LandscapesRoyal Photographic Society of Oman231413770SOC12016413.JPGEnglish/Arabicphotography,bookThis book has photographs of Omans landscapes
The Persian Gulf. An historical sketch from the earliest times to the beginning of the 20th Century (Chapters VI-VIII)Arnold T. Wilson126414900WIL11928OxfordAlan Milne306.JPGEnglishHistory, Persisan Gulf, Middle Ages, Oman, BahrainA historical sketch of the Persian Gulf by Arnold Wilson, chapters VI to VIII.
Oman Before 1970. The End of an Era.Ian Skeet128415900SKE11985Faber and Faber LTD0-571-13580-3Alan Milne308.JPGEnglishOman, History, Politics, Culture, Era,Ian Skeet was one of the few foreigners to visit Oman before 1970, and as a result this book is a vivid, informed, sensitive record of a remote country.
Arabia Felix: Across the Empty Quarter of ArabiaBertram Thomas135416923THO11932Jonathan CapeStuart Bailey416.JPGEnglishTravel, Memoirs, History, T.E. Lawrence, Bertram ThomasIntroduction by T. E. Lawrence. Account of Thomas' travels across the Arabian desert.
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The Persian Gulf: Muscat City, Society and TradeWillem Floor149419900FLO12015Mage Publishers1-933823-76-3419.JPGEnglishHistory, Challenge, Critical, Muscat, Society, TradeWillem Floor marshals a wealth of historical documents and challenges some of the heretofore accepted wisdom about the city.
Oman Reborn: Balancing Tradition and ModernizationLinda Pappas Funsch150420900FUN12015Palgrave Macmillan978-1-137-50200-1420.JPGEnglishHistory, Modernization, Change, Development, Political, Social, CulturalThis book traces a narrative of a little-known and relatively stable Arab country whose history of independence, legacy of interaction with diverse cultures, and enlightened modern leadership have transformed it in less than fifty years from an isolated medieval style potentate to a stable, dynamic and largely optimistic country.
Oman: Politics and Society in the Qaboos StateMarc Valeri151421900VAL12009Hurst and Company978-1-85065-933-4421.JPGEnglishPolitics, Society, Qaboos, Oman, Post-Colonial, AuthoritarianismBased on several year's research, this book's comparative interest is to understand the mechanisms of social and political perpetuation of authoritarianism in post-colonial states.
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Oman 2016Sultanate of Oman153423350SUL12016Ministry of Information423.JPGEnglishCulture, Human Resources, Heritage, Security, Arts, Environment, Guide, OmanContains information on history/geography, foreign affairs, media, security, Qaboos, institutions of the modern state, human resources, heritage, culture, the arts, environment, utilities, economy, council and law.
Oman 2015Sultanate of Oman159425350SULT12015Ministry of Information429.JPGEnglishCulture, Human Resources, Heritage, Security, Arts, Environment, Guide, OmanContains information on history/geography, foreign affairs, media, security, Qaboos, institutions of the modern state, human resources, heritage, culture, the arts, environment, utilities, economy, council and law.
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Voices of Oman: A Different Mid-East StoryCharles J. Olsen160430900OLS12011Stacey International978-1-906768-64-5430.JPGEnglishOman, Omani, Renaissance, Oral, HistoryAn Oral History of the Omani Renaissance
Season 2016-2017Royal Opera House Muscat161431791MUS32016Royal Opera House Muscat431.JPGEnglishRoyal, Opera, House, Muscat, Oman, Guide, SeasonA guide to the Sep 2016-May 2017 season at the Royal Opera House in Muscat.
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The Journal of Oman Studies: Volume 6 Part 2Paolo Maria Costa163433953COST51983Ministry of National Heritage and Culture432-3.JPGEnglishNumismatics, Arms/Armour, Archaelogy, Epigraphy, Architecture, Natural SciencesEssays on: Numismatics, Arms/Armour, Archaelogy, Epigraphy, Architecture, Natural Sciences
The Journal of Oman Studies: Volume 3 Part 1Paolo Maria Costa164434953COSTA51977The Ministry of National Heritage and Culture434.JPGEnglishFlora, Fauna, Sohar, Ancient, Excavation, Oman, Gazetteer, Collections, Surveys, PrehistoricCollection of essays.
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Bertram Thomas: Across the Empty QuarterRichard Muir166436900MUI62012David Hughes for Synchroncity436.JPGEnglishHistory, Travel, Bertram Thomas, Oman, Adventure, ExploreA DVD written and produced by Richard Muir for the Anglo-Omani Society. Narrated by Bernard Holley and Andrew Bicknell.
The Annual Statistical Report of Higher Education in the Sultanate of OmanHigher Education Admissions Centre167437407HIG62014Sultanate of Oman437.JPGArabic, EnglishAnnual, Statistics, Oman, Higher, Education, SultanateA DVD containing the annual statistical report of higher education in the Sultanate of Oman.
Beauty Has An AddressMinistry of Tourism168438910MIN62012Ministry of Tourism438.JPGEnglishOman, Travel, Tourism, Ministry, SultanateDVD by the Ministry of Tourism in Oman. November 2012.
A Development in the Arts and Architecture of OmanRoyal Opera House Muscat170439791ROY32011Royal Opera House Muscat439.JPGEnglishCulture, Grand, Muscat, Oman, Royal, Opera House, Performance, Art, Music, Development, Arts, ArchitectureBooklet about the grand opening of the Royal Opera House Muscat and it's cultural significance.
The Story of a Business Dream Realized: Super Local Community Contractor's VenturePetroleum Development Oman171440662PET12015Petroleum Development Company340 (2).JPG;340.JPGArabic, EnglishBusiness, Development, Oman, Petrol, Fuel, Contractors, DreamsSuccess story and the challenges encountered, narrated by people who have been directly involved in the execution of this magnificent business opportunity.
The Excellence AcademySuleiman bin Mohammed al Mantheri173441662MAN12015Petroleum Development Oman441.JPGArabic, EnglishBusiness, Success, Entrepreuneurs, Petrol, Fuel, PDO, OmanThis book narrates the success stories of Omanis who attribute their achievements to the vital role PDO has played in their careers.
The Royal Opera House MuscatThe Royal Opera House Muscat174442791OPE12015Royal Opera House MuscatDr. Rawya Saud Al-Busaidi442.JPGEnglishRoyal, Opera, House, Muscat, Arts, Performance, MusicBook within a case, about the Royal Opera House Muscat.
The Middle East at SOASThe Middle East in London175443376LMEI12552016London Middle East Institute443.JPGEnglishMiddle East, Politics, Palestine, Studies, Tradition, Culture, Israel, Gulf, Cuneiform, Persian, Iran, Language, Iranian, North Africa, SOAS, Islam, Islamic, LondonSOAS Centenary Special Issue.
Yemen: Problems of Style and Iconography in the South Arabian SculpturePaolo M. Costa176444900COST51992Estratto444.JPGEnglish, ItalianArcheology, Yemen, Iconography, Sculpture, Middle East, Study, South ArabianA journal article about the problems surrounding style and iconography in the South-Arabian Sculpture
The Second OBFA City of London Mansion House Conference: The Oman Logistics and Tourism SymposiumOmani British Friendship Association (Business Council)177445910SYM32016Omani British Friendship Association (Business Council)445.JPGEnglishBusiness, Oman, Britain, Friendship, Relations, Tourism, Logistics, People, Trade, Connecting, SultanateIncludes the guest list, diplomats, ambassadors, participants and programme.
Port of SalalahSheline Gledhill (Ed)178446380SAL32016Oman Establishment446.JPGEnglishPort, Commerce, Transportation, CommunicationsBooklet about the Port of Salalah - management, ports, expansion, efficiency.
Mina Sultan Qaboos WaterfrontInvestor Opportunities179447380OPP32015Omran447.JPGEnglishInvestment, Waterfront, Business, Opportunities, Oman, Mina, Sultan, QaboosBooklet detailing the investment opportunities for Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront.
British Exploring SocietyEdward Watson180448910BRI52013British Exploring Society448.JPGEnglishExploring, Travel, Oman, Norway, India, Iceland, Namibia, HistoryJournal detailing expedition reports for Oman, Namibia, Norway, India, and Iceland.
The Government Communication ServiceGCS181449351GCS32016Government Communication Service.449.JPGEnglishGovernment, Public, Administration, NGG, Communications, ServiceNGG Communications. Government Communication Service.
Jewel of Muscat CalendarMinistry of Foreign Affairs184450900CAL12011Ministry of Foreign Affairs450.JPGEnglishMuscat, Jewel, Ship, Boat, Commerce, Travel, CalendarA permanent record of the Jewel of Muscat project, and her remarkable, epic journey.
SAS Operation Storm: Nine Men Against Four Hundred in Britain's Secret WarRoger Cole and Richard Belfield185451900COL12011Hodder and Stroughton978-1-444-72695-4Stuart Bailey451.JPGEnglishMen, War, Oman, Middle East, Battle, SASA classic story of bravery against impossible odds.
Oman Under Arabian SkiesRory Patrick Allen186452900PAT12010Vanguard Press9781843866084Stuart Bailey452.JPGEnglishOman, Arabia, Skies, History, Politics, CultureEmbark on a magical and mystical Arabian Odyssey to the ancient land of Oman.
Oman '99Ministry of Information187453910INF11999Ministry of InformationStuart Bailey453.JPGEnglishTourism, Oman, Business, Culture, History, Politics, Guide, Information, 99'99 edition of the Oman Information Handbook.
The Last of the Bedu: In Search of the MythMichael Asher188454900ASH11996Viking0-670-83770-9Stuart Bailey454.JPGEnglishBedu, History, Myth, CultureStriking, optimistic and often humorous portrayal of a culture that gas suceeded in preserving its unique traditions, while adapting and surviving in the post-industrial world.
Oman 2014-2015Ministry of Information189455352OMA1412014Ministry of Information978-99969-0-452-3Stuart Bailey455.JPGEnglishGuidebook, Oman, 2014, 2015, Tourism2014-2015 Guidebook for Oman (security, resources, friendships, government).
Strongholds of Heritage: Forts and Castles of OmanDr. Patricia Groves191456900GRO12010Motivate Publishing978-86063-269-3Stuart Bailey456.JPGEnglishOman, Castle, Fort, History, Archaelogy, ArchitectureForts and castles of Oman with photographs.
Route Map Across Rub Al KhaliBertram Thomas193457910THO71932Stuart Bailey457.JPGEnglishRoute, Authentic, Travel, Bertrand Thomas, Rub Al Khali, MapAuthentic route map with certificate.
Oman and the Experiment in DemocracyKhalid Kishtainy194458900KIS12007Elliot & Thompson978-1-904027-10-2Stuart Bailey458.JPGEnglishHistory, Politics, Qaboos, Said, DemocracyA case study on the Omani democracy experiment.
Oman '97Ministry of Information195459910INFO11997Ministry of InformationStuart Bailey459.JPGEnglishOman, Handbook, 97, Annual'97 edition of the annual Oman Information Handbook.
Oman: People and HeritageObserver196460900OBS11994Oman Newspaper HouseStuart Bailey460.JPGEnglishHeritage, OmanCelebration of 1994 as the year of heritage.
Oman Through the AgesColonel (Doctor) M. Medhi - Ex. SAF197461900MED11995Self-PublishedStuart Bailey461.JPGEnglishHistory, Oman, Pictures, Muscat, Fossils, Airport, Bedu, Camp, OldA product of Col. Medhi's long association with Oman and her people.
Atlantis of the Sands: The Search for the Lost City of UbarRanulph Fiennes198462923FIE11992Bloomsbury0-7475-1327-9Stuart Bailey462.JPGEnglishHistory, Search, Exploration, Adventure, Soldiers, Oman, Middle East, ArabiaFiennes describes his search for Ubar, which began after he was expelled from the SAF and was fighting Communists in Oman in 1968.
The Arabian Tahr: a Journey through the Hajar Mountains / الطهر العربي رحلة عبر جبال الحجرDr Steve Ross & Ruth Kamnitzer199463910ROS12013National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation978-99969-0-219-2Dr. Sarif bin Rashed Al Shaqsi463.JPGArabic, EnglishHajar, Mountains, Journey, Travel, Oman, EnvironmentA book detailing nature and climate around the Hajar Mountains.
Muscat: Evolution and DevelopmentAbdullah bin Abbas bin Ahmed200464900AHM11991Muscat MincipalityStuart Bailey464.JPGEnglishEvolution, Development, Science, Nature, Business, Growth, Oman, MuscatInformation surrounding history, geography, urban development, relations, development, educational and cultural services, social and health services, trade, industry, finance, ports and public utilities.
The Journal of Oman Studies: Volume 11HH Sayyid Faisal Ali Al Said201465953SAI52000Ministry of National Heritage and CultureStuart Bailey465.JPGEnglishHistory, Culture, Prehistoric, Ancient, Environment, Dhofar, Mountains, Excavations, OmanIncludes essays on: whales, prehistoric coastal cultures, adaption of man to the environment, Samhan Plateau, Dhofar, mountains, cemetarys, excavations, ancient Oman, flint industries, and boats.
Khor Rori (Sumhuram)Prof. A. Avanzini202466900AVA32008Office of the Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan for Cultural AffairsStuart Bailey466.JPGEnglishArchaeology, Oman, Khor Rori, SumharamThis manual is an archaelogical guide for the reconstruction and restoration works in the site of Khor Rori (Sumharam) until the end of 2008.
Oman's Natural Heritage: Land, Nature and Culture SeminarThe National Field Research Centre for Enviornmental Conservation203467900CON32014The National Field Research Centre for Enviornmental ConservationStuart Bailey467.JPGArabic, EnglishNature, Heritage, Oman, Land, Natural, Environment, Seminar, Royal, Geographical, SocietyBooklet for the Land, Nature and Culture Seminar held at the Royal Geographical Society in March 2014.
101 Things to See and Do in OmanMinistry of Tourism204468910TOU12012Arab World Tours468.JPGEnglishTourism, Oman, Muscat, Events, Sultanate, TripTop tips to make your trip truly memorable.
Executive OverviewSohar Port/Freezone205469380SOH32018Sohar Port/Freezone469.JPGEnglishPort, Sohar, Industry, CommerceBooklet advertising the Sohar Port/Freezone.
Civil Service College: Corportate IntroductionCivil Service College206470351CIV32018Civil Service College470.JPGEnglishCivil Service, Corporate, Guide, Discover, Explore, LearnBooklet including the corporate introduction booklet and an Anglo-Omani specific booklet.
Port of Duqm: A Strategic Location in a Strategic EnvironmentPort of Duqm Company207471380COM32016Port of Duqm Company471.JPGEnglishDuqm, Port, Sea, Ocean, Oman, Commerce, TransportationBooklet containing information regarding the Port of Duqm, its minerals, attractions, and investment opportunities.
The Evolving Journey: Celebrating 40 Years of AchievementsMinisterial Committee208472900MIN12010Ministerial CommitteeStuart Bailey472.JPGEnglishOman, History, Nation, Nature, Infrastructure, Diversity, Eco-Tourism, Tourism, Desert, Industry, Banking, Heritage, CultureA book covering a wide range of topics celebrating 40 years of achievement in Oman.
A Tribute to Oman: Silver Jubilee EditionSaleh Mohammed Talib209473900TAL41995Appex PublishingStuart Bailey473.JPGEnglishOman, News, Trade, Interior Design, Renaissance, Future, Food, Sport, MilitarySilver Jubilee Edition of A Tribute to Oman, 1995.
Taking A Look At…OmanSigrid Wood and Esther Wieringa210474910WIE12008KIT Publishers978-90-6832-468-6Stuart Bailey474.JPGEnglishPlants, Animals, Tourism, Economy, Kitchen, Education, People, Transport, Cities, Country, History, OmanChapters based on Omani: Plants, Animals, Tourism, Economy, Kitchen, Education, People, Transport, Cities, Country, History
The New OmanMinistry of Information211475900INFO11971Ministry of InformationStuart Bailey475.JPGEnglishHistory, Nature, Politics, Oman, OmaniBook about the history and politics of Oman.
A Tribute to OmanSaleh Mohammed Talib212476900TALI41997AppexStuart Bailey476.JPGEnglishOman, Gas, Defence, Agriculture, Architecture, Health, Investment1996-1997 edition.
سيدات القمرجوخة الحارثي225477890JAW12010Dar Al Aadab978-9953-89-155-2جوخة الحارثي477.JPGArabicArabic Literature, NovelThis is an Arabic novel
صبي على السطحجوخة الحارثي226478890JOK12006Azmina9957-09-262-6جوخة الحارثي478.JPGArabicArabic Literature, NovelThis is an Arabic Novel
Jibbali LexiconT.M. Johnstone243479103JOH11981Oxford University Press0197136028Julian Paxton479.JPGEnglishDictionaryThis is a dictionary of the jibbali language.
Travels in Oman - On the Tracks of the Early ExplorersPhilip Ward245480910WARD11987The Oleander Press0-906672-51-1Mme Virginia Al Said099.JPGEnglishExploring Oman, TravelThis is the ultimate travel book about the Sultunate of Oman
Oman 2011-2012Majeed bin Mohammed al Rawas246481407RAW12011Ministry of Information019.JPGEnglishThis book is about Oman, mainly geography and history, environment and services, security, human resources, economic and development
Modern Literary ArabicDavid Cowan255482103COW11958Cambridge University Press052109240Sheila Buckfield163.JPGEnglish, ArabicTranslation, Arabic, EnglishThis book explains the grammatical structure of the modern Arbic literary language as its found in day to day newspapers, magazines, books, the radio and public speaking with exercises of translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic
Forts of OmanWalter Dinteman269483770DIN11993Walter Dinteman and Motivate Publishing1873544413Lady Ruth Hawley483.JPGEnglishOmanThis book is about the role of forts in Oman's history
Oman’s Invisible EnergySir Terence Clark291484662CLA12014Petroleum Development Oman0905743873Sir. Terence Clark268.JPGEnglishPetroleum Development Oman, Gas, OmanThis book is about Petroleum Development Oman's role in the discovery and exploitation of gas
Looking for Trouble SAS to Gulf CommandGeneral Sir Peter de la Billiere298485922BIL11995Harper Collins Publishers0006379834484.JPGEnglishAutobiography
Oman A MEED Practical GuideJohn Whelan307486407WHE11984Middle East Economic Digest0946510024Mr. Alan Milne486.JPGEnglishOman , GuideA practical guide to people interested in Oman
A Fortunate SoldierKen Perkins312487922PER11988Brassey’s Defence Publishers Ltd0080347622487.JPGEnglishMajor General, Ken PerkinsThis is a story of Major General Ken Perkins
More Music in the AirIan Kendrick314488780KENDRIC12010MOD Crown Copyright97809552189Ian Kendrick488.JPGEnglishMusicThe story of music in the Royal Air Force
Wildlife of the Hajar MountainsBushra Khalfan Al Wahibi & Saeida Rouass315489590ROU3Mazoon Printing, Publishing & Advertising LLC978 99969 0 352 6Dr. Saif bin Rashed Al Shaqsi489.JPGEnglishOman, WildlifeThis is about the wildlife in the Hajar mountains
WorkersHelen Couchman318490770COUC12008Soloshow publishing490.JPGEnglish, chinese
Historic Mosques and Shrines of OmanPaolo M. Costa319491900COSTA12001BAR International Series 9381841712302Lady Ruth Hawley491.JPGEnglishWork featuring the historical moques and shrines of Oman.
SAS Secret WarMajor General Tony Jeapes320492900JEA11996harper collins0004708997492.JPGEnglishWarThis book is about the SAS Secret War
We won a warJohn Akehurst321493900AKE1Michael Russell ltd0859550915493.JPGEnglishDhofar, Oman, Sultan QaboosThis book is a detailed account of the operations that led to the victory of Sultan Qaboos of Oman against the communist guerrillas.
Oman a pictorial souvenirJaap Croese322494770CRO32006Motivate publishing9781860631757494.JPGEnglishOman, PhotographyThis is a pictorial souvenir of Oman
Oman Magazine Issue No.6Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London343495377OM641974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali495.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.4Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London345496377OM441974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali363.PNGEnglishOman Magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.3Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London346497377OM341974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali497.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Issue No.2Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London347498377OM241973Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali498.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy First IssueEmbassy of Sultanate of Oman, London348499377OMF41973Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali499.PNGEnglishOman magazine
Oman Embassy Special Issue National Day 1974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, London353500377OMSPE41974Embassy of Sultanate of Oman, LondonHussain bin Mohammed bin Ali500.PNGEnglishOman magazine
The New Generation Group Muscat, Oman 2015AOS356501397AOS2015132015501.PNGEnglishThe New Generation Group
The New Generation Group Muscat, Oman 2015AOS357502397AOS2015232015502.PNGENGLISHThe New Generation Group
The New British Omani Delegation Pembroke College, Oxford 2014AOS359503397AOS2014232014503.PNGEnglish
The New British Omani Deelegation Muscat 2013AOS360504397AOS2013132013504.PNGEnglish
The New British Omani Delegation Muscat 2013AOS361505397AOS2013232013505.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2014 First EditionAOS362506397AOS14142014Brunton Business Publications 2014506.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2017AOS366507397AOS17142017507.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2017AOS367508397AOS17242017508.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Society Review 2016AOS368509397AOS16142016509.PNGEnglish
The Anglo-Omani Review 2016AOS369510397AOS16242016510.PNGEnglish
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association 40th Anniversary Issue No. 57 March 2008SAF370511396SAF5752008Brunton Business Publications 2008SAFMr. Milne511.PNGEnglish
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 46 March 1997SAF376512396SAF4651997Mr.Milne512.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association 25th Anniversary Issue No. 45 March 1996SAF377513396SAF4551996Mr.Milne513.PNGEnglish
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 43 April 1994SAF378514396SAF4351994Mr.Milne514.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 42 March 1993SAF379515396SAF4251993Mr.Milne515.PNGEnglishSAF
The Newsletter: Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Newsletter Issue No. 40 March 1991SAF380516396SAF4051991Mr.Milne516.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 52 March 2003SAF383517396SAF5252003Mr.Milne517.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 67 March 2018SAF384518396SAF6752018Mr. Milne518.PNGEnglishSAF
The Journal of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Association Issue No. 65 March 2016SAF386519396SAF6552016519.PNGEnglishSAF
AOS Newsletters donated to Oman museumAOS387520397AOS3520.PNGEnglish
Oman. Building for the FutureMEED Sponsored Report388521376MEED41989Mr. Milne521.PNGEnglishMagazine, Oman, Future, Economy
The Business Year 2014Sultanate of Oman389522376OMA42014522.PNGEnglishBusiness, Oman, Diplomacy, Politics
The Business Year 2014Sultanate of Oman392523376OMAN42014523.PNGEnglish
The Journal of the sultan’s Armed Forced Association issue 43SAF394533396SAF43231994Julian Paxton533.PNGEnglishSAF
Lynx , الوشق issue 4Dawood bin Sulaiman Al Balushi396534376BAL22016Dr. Saif Al Shaqsi534.PNGEnglish, ArabicEnvironment, Arabian Tahr, LynxThis is an environmental monthly newsletter issued by The national field research centre for environmnetal conversation
الوشق, LynxDawood bin Sulaiman Al Balushi398535376BALUS22015Dr.Saif Al-Shaqsi535.PNGEnglish, ArabicEnvironment, lynx newesletterIssue 3-Environmental monthly newsletter issued by the National Centre for field planning in the field of environmental conservation.
الوشق, LynxDawood bin Sulaiman Al Balushi399536376BALUSH22015Dr.Saif Al-Shaqsi536.PNGEnglish, ArabicEnvironment, Oman, NewsletterIssue 2- Environmental monthly newsletter issued by the Na
جند عمان, Jund OmanAli AL Kalabani401537376KAL41989537.PNGEnglishThis issue covers the GCC summet in Muscat
Glance on Industries in Omani till June 1992Ministry of Commerce and Industry407538376IND21992Ministry of Commerce and IndustryMr.Milne538.PNGArabic and EnglishIndustries, Oman, 1992
Sultanate of OmanMinistry of Tourism409539376TOUR2539.PNGEnglish
تحديSayyid Faisal al Said413540376SAID22012540.PNGEnglishoutward bound omanoutward bound oman annual report 2012
The Report Oman 2015Oxford Business Group420541376GRO220159781910068212Mr.Milne541.PNGEnglishEconomy, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance
The Middle East in London Vol. 11 No. 2LMEI423542376LMEI11242015542.PNGEnglishThe focus of this issue is on the environment like water resources in the Middle East, cultural heritage and the environment
الوشقDawood bin Suleiman Al-Balooshi431543376BAL522016543.PNGEnglish, ArabicEnvironmental monthly newsletter issued by the National field research centre for environmental conservaton Issue 5
OME, Opportunity Middle EastMichael Thomas434544376THOM242010The Middle East Association, 2010544.PNGEnglishThe focus is on Egyot and Algeria.
OmanGlen Mutel445545376MUT242012Absolute Publishing Ltd545.PNGEnglishMagazine on Oman containing a city guide to Muscat, food and drink and other activities
عمان في الألوانMinistry of Information and Tourism457546770TOU11974546.PNGArabicPhotoghraphy on Oman
History of the Imams and Seyids of OmanHakluyt Society473547900SOC3Burt FranklinSofia Frank and Costa547.PNGEnglishImams,Oman, HistoryOriginally Published by: Hakluyt Society Photocopy
Times of Oman – Oman’s National DressTimes of Oman475548376TIM32015Julian Paxton548.PNGEnglishNovember- Oman’s National Dress - Newspaper Poster
Interim Report on the Results of the Oman Flora and Fauna Survey, Dhofar 1977Government adviser for the Conservation of the Environment478549376ENV21979Al-Akidah PressJulian Paxton549.PNGEnglishReport,Oman,Flora and Fauna
Majlis Al Jinn Cave - Sultanate of OmanW. Donald Davison, Jr.479550376DAV21985Mazoon Printing Press, October550.PNGEnglishOman, Cave, Majlis Al JinnThe origin, geology, access, description, of Majlis Al Jinn Cave in the Sultanate of Oman.
Oman, Land of Frankincense and OilRobert Azzi480551376AZZI31973National GeographicJulian Paxton551.PNGEnglishFrankincense, Oil, Oman
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Oman with Britain – Bi-lateral Relations from the Seventeenth Century to the Present DayThe Foreign and Commonwealth Office486553376OFF3Mazoon Printing PressSofia Frank & Costa553.PNGEnglishOman, Britain, Seventeenth CenturyThis is on the bi-lateral Relations of Oman and Britain from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day
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