June 5 2020


Maadh Ahmed Al Hinaai

eOnsor was established by three young and ambitious engineers to make a difference in people’s lives through fourth industrial revolution technologies. We came together during our last year at the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University. We worked on a project together for a module called Mechatronics System Design, where we designed our first general purpose electronic board. Other students asked us to use the extra boards that we manufactured for their projects. We sold out!

We noticed that students quickly embraced the idea of using these boards for rapid prototyping. And that’s where it all got started. Our core business is designing rapid prototyping boards to help engineers, hobbyists and tech enthusiasts to transform their ideas for IoT, instrumentation, machine learning and AI into reality rapidly. We are proud to say that we designed the first single board computer in the region. It is a credit card sized computer with less processing speed than personal computers, but they are ideal for basic computing and programming for image processing, machine learning and 4.0 industrial revolution techs. Throughout our journey, we have had as many as 40 interns who learned how to program, design, reverse engineer and much more, making a positive impact in the development of technology in the Sultanate. Some of them moved on to pursue their dreams and serve the country in other fields. Talent creation is at the top of our agenda especially as our business requires special skills that requires hands on experience and expert monitoring. We are committed to extending our training programs to supply the market with highly skilled engineers.

One of our main targets was to improve how non-profit organizations manage and process ther data. Therefore, we started working closely with an association that distributes money for grocery shopping and it was our first great success story. The association distributes money for grocery shopping to 646 families every month. It took them so much time, effort and paperwork. We studied the case and suggested the program “Baraka”, which provides smart cards to help 646 families get their monthly credit of grocery shopping without having to visit the association center or to queue to get the cash. All the benefited families get their dedicated smart cards topped up at the end of every month to use it regularly in a shopping store. This solution saved them the administraive burden that is required to complete these tasks as it reduces the one-week delay required to proces the paperwork and conduct the necessary auditing. It is a life changing solution to both the association and their beneficiaries. The success of “Baraka” program set the grounds for further development projects. Charity and social investments from individuals and corporates have made a great impact for a huge number of families in Oman. There are different types of donations: monthly salaries, medication, home furniture, appliances, education, utility payments etc. Our focus is organized charities, non-profit associations and the government. Our mission is to optimize how the charity allocates donations to the right people.

However, there were critical problems that needed to be solved.

1- Organization was relying heavily on paper, which is causing serious problems:

a- Relying on paper made the organization data unsafe as it was all in hard copies that can easily be lost

b- Relying on paper is costing the organization a considerable amount of money that could be invested in families

c- It increases waste produced by the organization, which is dangerous to the environment

d- The storage of large paper files leads to huge issues with storage for the organization

2- Data was not linked between different departments which led to data duplications and outdated data. This is especially dangerous as most data handled by the organization is sensitive data such as birth certification, resident IDs, passport information, bank information etc

3- Tasks takes too long time to perform since a clear framework for performing tasks was left to department heads and was not delegated by the organization

Therefore, we developed a single source for all data and documents related to the organization through building a web application to digitize all tasks and data. This platform will be extended to roll out to all associations in the country that might benefit from integrating this technology.

We continue to explore new opportunities and products in this ever-evolving business from hardware to software solutions.

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