OBBC Spotlight On Onsor One Year On


September 22 2021

Spotlight On One Year On: Onsor Technologies

Onsor Technologies was one of the companies we featured in our first OBBC Spotlight On series. The first series focused on entrepreneurs, innovators and pioneers and Onsor Technologies fitted this role perfectly. In this article we Onsor Technologies shows how the turn towards technology in the past year has given them new opportunities to push the boundaries of tech development in Oman and the specific partnerships they have managed to form as a result of this transitional time. 


In one year, Onsor went from designing and manufacturing single board computers (SBC) to designing and manufacturing 2-in-1 Personal computers. From three founders to 17 full-time Omani employees and 2 trainees. From a broad vision to providing unique products and customized solutions. Onsor technologies is now a company that works to be a trusted and innovative leader in emerging technologies by delivering cutting edge IoT and computing products and solutions for consumers and businesses.

While 2020 was a tough year for numerous businesses, it was a year full of opportunities for technology companies. It was the year we launched our first personal computer, a project that we started in May 2019. After manufacturing the first batch of the SBCs in 2019, Onsor needed a product that can be used in large volumes to help the company grow. After nearly six years in the electronics business and the latest project -SBC design-, Onsor team decided it was only right to start thinking of a bigger project that will not only ensure the business continuity but also put Onsor and Oman on the technological map especially after having the confidence to design and produce complex products like the SBC. Hence, we decided to go for a new challenge of designing our first personal computer that can be used by everyone in offices, colleges, schools and individuals.

The timing of the project was ideal as the world moved to studying and working from home during the pandemic. The ministry of education in Oman decided to go for distance learning. With his majesty Sultan Haithams command, they floated a tender to supply close to 40,000 students with laptops. It was a competitive tender that we are now proud to win and be part of this noble project. There was another generous donation from HM Sultan Haitham for higher education students, Onsor was proudly part of that project too. Onsor “O50” won the trust of the people in Oman, we offered pre-orders upon the launch of the product and we sold out in a matter of few days. We are also getting growing interest from businesses as we have closed deals with companies in the oil and gas sector, telecommunications and other public and private institutions. The name “O50” came from “Oman” as it is the only country that starts with an “O”, Onsor also starts with the letter “O” and it was during Oman 50th national celebrations.

One of the pivotal moments of the company is the investment from Oman ICT group. It shaped the business strategy to align with the group’s strategy and Oman vision 2040. Onsor technologies are working on emerging technologies -mainly IoT products and solutions- in addition to our computing products. The solutions that are being developed now are for the oil and gas sector, logistics and remote monitoring.

Onsor team is the greatest asset the company has. The founders worked on building a competent team to serve the company’s objectives. We made sure that all employees are driven with passion, pro-active, self-motivated and hold the company’s values of innovation and creativity.

The future belongs to emerging technologies like IoT, ML and AI. Onsor Technologies aims to be a trusted partner to help businesses adopt these technologies to increase their efficiency, reduce time, effort and save money on processes and operations. Onsor does not offer off-the-shelf products, we listen to our partners' points and offer a unique and customized solution. As per the computer products, it will always have modern features and address the local and regional requirements. All of these business objectives shall be met with a growing number of competent Omani talents.

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