'The Diversity of Omani Genes'


October 17 2019

On Thursday the 17th of October, the Society hosted Dr Halima Al Balushi, a Cambridge University graduate, researcher and senior specialist at Oman’s Royal Hospital. She conducted a study which reveals that a large percentage of Omanis have alpha thalassaemia and that five per cent have sickle cell anaemia. As well as discovering that they have a rare form of sickle cell disease which is being investigated by medical researchers all over the world. The condition is so rare that it has been labelled “Oman type sickle cell disorder” and added that around 70 people in the Sultanate currently suffer from the condition. Halima's lecture was centred on her pioneering research exploring the prevalence of Omani genetic blood diseases. The lecture was the inaugural lunchtime lecture and offered an intriguing insight into the health landscape of Oman and the unique nature of the challenges that lie ahead. 

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