David Newton


David Newton

General Manager

David Newton is now at the helm of the Executive Office in Sackville Street having joined as General Manager in May this year. David has enjoyed a full career in the Royal Navy as both a Warfare Officer and as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm, and brings a wealth of experience from his active service days and subsequently running an SME based in Muscat. He maintains that most stories of his earlier life are best left untold but, with persuasion, would be happy to recount tales from the Dartmouth experience, postings in Hong Kong and around the world plus numerous active sea-going deployments.

With his partner Helen he has thoroughly enjoyed the last eleven years in The Sultanate where he served as Naval and Air Attache in the embassy under both Noel Guckian and Jamie Bowden. On completion of his RN career he helped to create and run a defence-based SME in Muscat before returning to UK in August 2020.

David has a daughter, Laura, who is a knitwear designer in London and, although he originally hails from York, he and Helen have now made a base in Windsor.