Sarika Breeze

Omani British Business Council

Sarika Breeze

Business Opportunities Manager

Sarika joined as the Anglo-Omani Society's Business Opportunities Manager in 2022, as part of the Society's renewed focus on the close commercial and economic relationship between Oman and the UK. In this role, Sarika will be managing the Omani British Business Council's corporate membership and offering, promoting bilateral trade and business engagement. She previously worked as a Management Assistant at the AOS from March 2020 to January 2021, and worked at the Omani British Friendship Association in Muscat from September 2017 until May 2018. 

Sarika graduated from Exeter University with a BSc in Psychology and Middle Eastern Studies. While at university, she wrote about Omanisation, pragmatism vs revolutionary zeal in Iranian policy, and intersectional feminism in Palestine and Israel. Her dissertation topic was on how language impacts perception of the world, looking specifically at Aamiyah vs Classical Arabic. 

As the child of diplomats, Sarika grew up in India, Turkey, Egypt, the UK, the Netherlands and Oman. Alongside Oman and the UK, she has worked in Jordan, Australia and Lebanon.