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Jul 09 2020 AOS

Urban agriculture is the production and various supporting infrastructure to produce food locally within and nearby the city. So also the edges of the city, but the idea is that essentially you grow t...
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Jul 02 2020 AOS

My partner, Husain Baomar, and I started SainBags in January 2018. Our mission was to provide an eco-friendly alternate to plastic bags. We were environmentalists at heart with an entrepreneurial spir...
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OBBC Spotlight On SainBags

Jun 30 2020 AOS

It all started with an inspiration! An inspiration from the youth themselves! As an associate professor at Sultan Qaboos University, I am blessed to engage with a lot of Omani youth on a daily ba...
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INSIGHT Jalasaat Mulhimoon

Jun 26 2020 AOS

Life was fun and exciting in Dubai. I was working in PwC at a reputed position and a visit to Muscat, Oman would happen only to meet family or spend a lazy weekend at home.However in 2017, when I visi...
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OBBC Spotlight On akeed

Jun 24 2020 AOS

Have you ever wondered why the waves splashing on Oman's beaches are often green, red or luminous? You may have heard that it is algae in the water, but where does this come from? What causes it and w...
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INSIGHT Green Tide in the Sea of Oman

Jun 19 2020 AOS

From his early years, Majid Al Amri was inspired by the limitless possibilities offered by computers, innovative software platforms and emerging technologies. Guided by his spirit of innovation, Majid...
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OBBC SPOTLIGHT ON Thawani Technologies

Jun 16 2020 AOS

The Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world with almost half a billion speakers and is widely considered one of the most challenging languages to learn.  As a result, some Arab co...
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INSIGHT The Omani Arabic Dialect

Jun 12 2020 AOS

Edlal is an online knowledge-sharing platform. Through Edlal, we connect Omani experts and lifelong learners around the world. Edlal was co-founded by Qais Al Toubi and Haitham Al Toubi in 2017, inspi...
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Jun 08 2020 AOS

The care my husband received in his final few months was excellent but often a routine procedure was postponed because of the bed blocking issue in Oman, also common elsewhere. We became aware of the ...
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INSIGHT Palliative Care in Oman

Jun 05 2020 AOS

eOnsor was established by three young and ambitious engineers to make difference in people’s lives through fourth industrial revolution technologies. We came together during our last year at the Colle...
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